Kevin Hart Might Be Tiny, But He Just Bench Pressed More Than Most Guys Can

Kevin Hart Might Be Tiny, But He Just Bench Pressed More Than Most Guys Can

What do you do when you’re a famous comedian who’s known for being hilariously funny, but also for being pretty tiny? (We’ve all seen the photos of him with Shaq, right?)

Well, if you’re anything like Kevin Hart, what you’ll do is make up for your small stature by bulking out to the extreme, so that nobody will mess with you.

Now that he’s making stadium money, Mr Hart has the freedom to splash out on a few luxuries in life, and one such luxury that Mr Hart (along with Ice Cube and Cam Newton) has splashed out on (for a local community, rather than himself) is a new $7,500 gym.

To break the new gym in, the funny man got down and smashed out some reps, and to a lot of people’s surprise, he made it look pretty easy.

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