Kali Muscle Just Won A Serious Bodybuilding Competition

Kali Muscle Just Won A Serious Bodybuilding Competition

We all know Kali Muscle as the ridiculously jacked and intense bodybuilder who is always ranting on a number of different subjects but not this time around. Kali competed in the 2015 NPC West Coast Classic and was in fact the overall bodybuilding champion. Kali has his eyes set on obtaining his pro card and it should be intriguing to see how that goes. In the video below we see Kali’s interview with NPCNewsOnline after he claimed his prize in which he had some interesting things to say. Including the story about what made Kali want to get into the bodybuilding industry. Check out the famous Kali Muscle winning the 2015 NPC West Coast Classic and elaborate on his future plans in the video below!

Congratulations to Kali definitely deserved the win! here is footage from the competition.

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