Kali Muscle Destroys Haters That Said He Had A Gyno

If you are following any fitness personality on social media you are probably familiar with Kali Muscle. This dude went to prison a few years back and when he came out he decided to turn his life around and started inspiring young guys to reach their goals in any endeavour they want to be successful in life.

Kali Muscle has made videos with guys like CT.Fletcher, Mike Rashid, Elliott Hulse and some other well known guys in the industry.

People have been hating on Kali Muscle for a long time but his main goal is to motivate and inspire others so how could you hate on that?

Plus he looks incredible and it takes a lot of dedication to get a physique like he has.

In his recent video he talks about those haters and he doesn’t understand how people can hate so much on him because his message is positive and he is only trying to inspire people and help them.

Watch the video below were Kali Muscle goes on a rant and destroys haters who said he had a gyno, which according to him he does not have and never will.

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