Kali Muscle Biggest Natural Bodybuilder or Lying?

Kali Muscle Biggest Natural Bodybuilder or Lying?

45-year old Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendal bodybuilder, YouTuber, musician, motivator and actor went viral on social media when a youtube channel called “Strength Project” published a video called “Monster: The Kali Muscle Story”

Kali Muscle is an ex convict who decided to make better life choice when he got out of prison a few years ago where he spent 11 years of his life for committing robberies.

He wanted to make a positive change to the world and be a role model to young kids rather then go back to his old ways.

He has achieved that with his Youtube channel were he frequuently gives advice on diet, nutrition and brings out a positive uplifting message.

This video has amassed over 46 million views and this is when Kali Muscle really got famous in the fitness and bodybuilding scene.

Kali Muscle runs a popular youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

He is also popular on Instagram with over 700 thousand followers

Being in prison for so long Kali Muscle claims he got big by using unconventional training methods in prison to build up his physique.

Hyphy Mud is Kali Muscles pre-workout formula and he claims it took him 2 years to create the formula which was inspired from his prison days were he mixed coffee with cola before workouts.

Since there are no steroids in prison unless they are illegally smuggled there it has always been a controversy if Kali Muscle has used steroids to build up his monster physique or if it was possible for him to do it naturally.

Kali Muscle Stats

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Kali Muscle is 45 years old from America

His height is 5’9 (175 cm)

He weighs 225-260 lbs (102-118 kg)

Kali Muscle stays muscular and shredded all year round.

Does Kali Muscle Use Steroids?

According to him he does not use steroids, he has said that when he was in prison he got offered steroids but he didn’t need to use them because he was already the biggest inmate there.

Having an incredibly muscualar physique Kali claims his Ramen noodles and tuna was his key to success.

Not all people think he is truthful in his statement as many people believe that he is using a lot of steroids to maintain his crazy muscular physique.

These include Lui Marco who believes Kali Muscle uses steroids.

Kali spent 11 years in prison were he could have gotten steroids from but it’s probably hard to get.

Kali Muscle might be a genetic freak who simply puts on a lot of mass, who knows but if he is natural he is probably one of the biggest natural bodybuilder in the world.

Well we are not saying Kali is natural but it’s hard to prove he uses steroids.

Most guys that reach Kali Muscle’s size use steroids but Kali has always denied using any type of steroids.

Kali Muscle Music

Kali Muscle isn’t just a muscle monster, he has also made a few songs which are all about lifting weights and bodybuilding.

Well let’s just say that not everyone enjoys his music, but he has gotten a lot of attention for his songs and his most popular hit Money and Muscle has been played over 2 million times on youtube.

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