Kai Greene Talks About Sexual Abuse

Kai Greene Talks About Sexual Abuse

Kai Greene the peoples champion and one of the best bodybuilder for the past few years made a shocking confession.

He talks about sexual abuse someone having sex with another person without their permission.

It seems like Kai was the victim in a tragic event and was crying in this interview.(even though we don’t know that for sure)

We certainly hope that Kai will work his way out of this and does not let this affect his dreams.

This is definitely something no human being on this earth wants to experience.

There have also been some speculations on if Kai will compete at the Olympia and it will definitely be interesting to see if he shows up.

Lui Marco the nr one news reporter on bodybuilding made a video about this and shared a video of Kai crying and talking about sexual abuse.

Watch the video below:


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