Kai Greene Bodybuilding Documentary Preparing for 2009 Mr.Olympia

Kai Greene Bodybuilding Documentary Preparing for 2009 Mr.Olympia

Kai Greene is one of the top bodybuilders in the sport; in his competitive career, Kai has won the Arnold Classic three times and has been runner three times in the most prestigious bodybuilding contest in the world, Mr. Olympia.

Kai Greene didn’t have an easy childhood; when he was a young man, he traveled from foster home to foster home, and he didn’t do well in life.

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Until he found bodybuilding, Kai decided he wanted to be the best bodybuilder he could be, taking inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger after watching the film Pumping Iron.

Kai quickly rose to the ranks in bodybuilding and established himself as a top contender.

In 2009 Kai Greene participated in his first Olympia show ever.

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Even though Kai Greene’s first Mr.Olympia, he still got 4th place and even beat Phil Heath at that show.

Mike Pulcinella, a filmmaker, recorded the journey when Kai was preparing for Mr. Olympia in 2009.

The film is called Overkill and gives excellent insight into what it’s like to be a bodybuilder at the highest level.

When watching the film, you can’t help but notice the brutal reality of a top bodybuilder; it’s a lot of hard work and consistency that go into play.

In 2009 Mr. Olympia Kai was trained by his longtime friend and mentor, Oscar Ardon.

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However, later in his career Kai Greene worked with George Farah.

Kai Greene hasn’t competed in bodybuilding since 2016, and no one knows if he will ever return to the stage.

In the film Kai talks a lot on the camera, explaining what is going through his mind, and you can see how sometimes it’s difficult for him to continue preparing for the show.

2009 was Kai Greene’s first Olympia and he got 4th place which is a great accomplishment.

Kai Greene Bodybuilding Documentary : Overkill

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