"Justin Bieber Is On Steroids And This Is Why" Video Gone Viral

“Justin Bieber Is On Steroids And This Is Why” Video Gone Viral

People around the world who don’t even lift have been talking about Justin Bieber’s body transformation a lot the past months. They can’t believe he managed to transform his body from nothing to a bit more than nothing. They’re calling him out for steroids. Is he on steroids? Well, Toos Training (YouTube name) has an interesting take on that. Watch his video below.
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 13.24.11

if you have access to world’s best trainers, best food, time, like Justin Bieber does, then I hope he’s making some gains… because if he’s not…. then shit I feel sorry for him

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7 thoughts on ““Justin Bieber Is On Steroids And This Is Why” Video Gone Viral”

    1. Avatar

      how so? how would you know? do you think roids are magic? you just shoot a syringe with test and boom! 250 pound shreded? retard.

      1. Avatar

        Lol you stupid internet tool. It’s a gram of test, 500 mg tren and tons and tons of icecream. It was a joke, get a life.

  1. Avatar
    Oskars Matisons

    It’s shadow trick!
    From that shadow angle everything looks shredded. But he made some gains. But it’s not steroids, jealous as*holes!

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