John Meadows: 21 Reasons You Don't Have Big Calves

John Meadows: 21 Reasons You Don’t Have Big Calves

John Meadows was one of the top bodybuilding coaches in the industry and was a well-respected bodybuilder.

John, unfortunately, passed away in August while in his sleep.

John Meadows was known as the mountain dog, and he had a huge YouTube channel where he shared his vast knowledge on training and dieting.

His Youtube channel has well over 500 k subscribers and John shared tricks and tips on his channel where you wouldn’t find them anywhere else.

John was such an expert on bodybuilding that he trained numerous high-profile competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors in the industry.

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A subject we’ve seen discussed in bodybuilding a lot is growing calves.

This stubborn muscle doesn’t seem to grow for many people, no matter what they do.

Some people have genetically big calves while others don’t.

Nobody knows how the correct approach is to grow the calves however John Meadows knew precisely how to stimulate muscle growth in the calves.

As a young man, John Meadows didn’t have big calves; they were about 16 inches; however, he could grow them to 20 inches and learned a way to train them right.

John Meadows shared his 21 tips to grow the calves on his youtube channel, and following these tips; you should see some muscle gains in your calf muscle.

John Meadows 21 Reasons You Don’t Have Big Calves

John Meadows went over the 21 reasons you don’t have big calves.

  1. You blame your genetics (you can overcome genetics to a point)
  2. Your workouts are pathetic (most guys do 1 exercise with 2 sets for calves)
  3. You are not stretching at the bottom
  4. Not holding the stretch for 1 second
  5. You are bouncing instead of stretching and pausing
  6. Not training the tibia (the front of the calf muscle)
  7. Legs aren’t straight when doing standing raises (having knees locked)
  8. To heavy on standing raises
  9. Frequency is too low (train them 4-5 times per day week)
  10. You don’t have any pain tolerance
  11. Not going to failure
  12. Volume is too high
  13. You aren’t using high intensity techniques (such as partials at the bottom)
  14. Too much cardio
  15. Stop nonesense of toes in toes out
  16. Stretch post training
  17. Occasionaly do high reps
  18. Not doing explosive work
  19. Prirotizing 1st in the gym (train calves first before anything else)
  20. Walk around on your tiptoes
  21. John asks his viewers to give him the 21st tip
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