Joey Swoll: Natural Bodybuilder or Steroid User?

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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In the world of bodybuilding, Joey Swoll has carved a name for himself.

With his ripped physique and intense training regimen, he’s become a subject of fascination, admiration, and speculation.

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One question that often circles around him is: “Is Joey Swoll natural, or does he use steroids?”

This article aims to delve into the debate surrounding his muscular build.

joey swoll natural or not

Is it a result of natural hard work, genetic advantage, and dedication to fitness, or is there more to the story?

Are his bulging muscles indicative of steroid use, or is it just due to his rigorous workout routine and diet?

We’ll examine Joey’s physique, his silence on steroid use, his past struggle with opioid addiction, and his recent viral fame for standing up to gym bullies to find out more.

Joey Swoll’s Physique

joey swoll natural or not

Joey Swoll’s physique is nothing short of magnificent, drawing attention and admiration from fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

His well-chiselled body, marked by bulging muscles and almost negligible body fat, is typical of a seasoned bodybuilder.

It’s his extraordinary size and definition, especially in the upper body, that fuels speculations about possible steroid use.

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His physique bears certain similarities to what is often seen in bodybuilders who use steroids – massive shoulders, a super lean midsection, and highly developed vascularity.

However, these physical traits can also be attributed to intense, dedicated training and meticulous nutrition.

It’s important to note that appearance alone cannot be used as conclusive evidence of steroid use.

As Joey has never publicly acknowledged steroid use, the question remains: Is Joey Swoll natural, or is there more to his extraordinary physique?

Joey Swoll’s Stance

The silence of Joey Swoll on the topic of steroid use has often been interpreted in different ways.

Some argue that his lack of response is a tacit admission of guilt; if he were indeed natural, he could easily put the speculations to rest by openly declaring so.

Others, however, suggest that his silence may simply be a choice to maintain his privacy and avoid feeding into the controversy.

Joey has never publicly claimed to be natural, nor has he admitted to using steroids. This leaves his followers and the larger fitness community in a state of ambiguity.

His stance, or lack thereof, on steroid use continues to fuel the debate – is Joey Swoll natural, or does his silence imply something more?

While these questions persist, it’s crucial to remember that assumptions should not replace solid evidence, and as of now, there’s no concrete proof linking Joey Swoll to steroid use.

Could Joey Swoll Be Using Steroids? Five Reasons Why

  1. Incredible Size and Definition: Swoll’s massive physique, especially his upper body, is common among steroid users. His size exceeds what many believe is attainable naturally.
  2. Super Lean Midsection: Steroid users often have incredibly lean bodies due to the fat-burning properties of certain substances. Joey’s lean, well-defined midsection could potentially be a result of steroid use.
  3. Highly Developed Vascularity: The level of vascularity displayed by Joey is often associated with steroid use. Steroids can increase red blood cell production and cause water retention, leading to more visible veins.
  4. Rapid Gains: If Joey experienced rapid muscle gains in a short period, this could potentially point towards steroid use. Steroids speed up muscle growth and recovery time, making rapid transformation possible.
  5. Silence about Steroid Use: Joey has never publicly addressed the steroid controversy. Some interpret this silence as a tacit admission of steroid use.

Joey Swoll Be Natural? Five Reasons Why

  1. Genetic Advantage: It’s possible that Joey has superior genetics that allow him to build more muscle mass and maintain low body fat levels naturally.
  2. Dedicated Training and Diet: Joey could have achieved his physique through rigorous training and strict diet. His social media shows him regularly following intense workouts and maintaining a clean diet.
  3. No Steroid Symptoms: Steroid users often display symptoms like gynecomastia (man boobs) and excessive acne. Joey doesn’t show these common steroid side effects.
  4. Longevity in Fitness: Joey has been in the fitness industry for a long time, and it’s possible that he has naturally built his physique over many years of hard work.
  5. Overcame Addiction: Having overcome opioid addiction, Joey may be more likely to avoid substance use, including steroids, due to his past experiences.

Overcoming Addiction

Joey Swoll’s path to fitness fame hasn’t been smooth or linear; he has openly shared about his struggle with opioid addiction, a battle he has admirably overcome.

His admission about past substance abuse is indicative of his willingness to confront his demons and use his platform to shed light on topics often considered taboo within the fitness community.

The journey towards recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, requiring immense willpower and determination.

Joey’s story of overcoming addiction serves as a beacon of hope for many, proving that it is possible to rise above personal challenges and build a healthy, fulfilling life.

While his past addiction is not directly linked to the debate over his natural status or steroid use, it does highlight his resilience and commitment to health and fitness.

Viral for the Right Reasons

In recent times, Joey Swoll has been making the headlines for reasons beyond his physique.

He has stepped up to become an advocate against gym bullying, a prevalent issue that often goes unnoticed.

Swoll’s videos, where he responds and stands up to gym bullies who mock others, have gone viral, earning him applause from the fitness community and beyond.

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His actions send a powerful message against body shaming and the toxic culture that sometimes permeates the gym environment.

Joey’s stand against gym bullying showcases his dedication not just to personal physical fitness, but also to fostering a positive and respectful attitude within the fitness community.

This aspect of his public persona adds another layer to the debate surrounding his natural status.

Regardless of whether Joey Swoll is natural or not, his stand against gym bullying and his commitment to promoting a healthy and inclusive gym culture are commendable.


In conclusion, the debate surrounding Joey Swoll’s natural status remains unresolved due to his silence on the issue.

His exceptional physique leaves many wondering if it’s the result of steroid use or a testament to superior genetics, disciplined training and diet, and years of dedication to fitness.

While his past struggles with opiod addiction and his stand against gym bullying are separate from the ‘natty or not’ discussion, they highlight his resilience and commitment to positive change.

Until there’s concrete evidence or direct admission from Joey, the question, “Does Joey Swoll use steroids or is he natural?”

will continue to fuel speculation.

Regardless, it’s important to recognize his significant contributions to the fitness industry and his efforts in addressing important issues such as gym bullying.

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