Joey Swoll is Shocked at a Lifter Who Takes A Video in Locker Room

Joey Swoll is Shocked at a Lifter Who Takes A Video in Locker Room

Joey Swoll, the CEO of gym positivity, has been on a mission for the last few months; Joey wants to change gym culture and eliminate toxic gym behavior.

Joey is a famous fitness influencer with millions of followers on his social media platforms.

Now Joey uses these platforms to share gym positivity or respond to gym bullies who film others in the gym for likes and attention.

We have seen many videos of innocent people filmed in gyms and belittled, humiliated, or made fun of.

These videos are then posted on social media, and the innocent gym goers often don’t even know they are being filmed.

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Joey Swoll is very much against this practice and has responded to many of the gym bullies filming these videos in public gyms.

Many feel intimidated to work out in public gyms because they fear getting judged.

The videos posted online aren’t helping people to feel comfortable working out.

Recently a man was filming himself posing in a gym locker room in front of the showers when a gym goer was going to use the shower.

The man who filmed the video did not delete the footage like any average person would do. Instead, he posted the video on social media for likes and attention and belittled the man in the gym.

Joey Swoll was not happy with this and responded to the lifter:

This is about as disgusting as it gets, I obviously had to censor the video but, I’ve seen quite a few of these in Tik Tok now. I totally understand that people want to take photos in bathrooms, progress pics, flexing all that, they are scared to do it on the floor, there is good lightning in bathrooms I totally get that. But you have to respect other people, the fact that you don’t know better than to film in front of a shower or post a video of someone getting undressed, that’s nude, blows my mind. Gyms need to start enforcing policy about this, your membership should be either suspended or either revoked period. Not to mention you should apologize to this man and hope he is kind enough to not press charges cause this is illegal. You need to do better young man, mind your own business.

Joey Swoll is Shocked at a Lifter Who Takes A Video in Locker Room (video)

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