Joe Rogan Suggests Chris Hemsworth Might Be Using Steroids

Joe Rogan Suggests Chris Hemsworth Might Be Using Steroids

Is Chris Hemsworth taking steroids?

What does Joe Rogan think about that?

UFC analyst and popular podcast host Joe Rogan always has a unique take on the latest and greatest in the news cycle.

joe rogan chris hemsworth

In a recent YouTube video, Rogan listed Chris Hemsworth as the sexiest man in the world, but wondered if he had a natural body.

Over the years, Rogan and his podcast empire have seen him exposed to various current events.

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His massive fan base often wonders what he thinks about a range of pressing issues affecting the world.

Nothing is taboo for the 54-year-old, as he proves every week by attacking a subject that many are afraid of talking about.

In the fitness world, his opinions matter because of his love of mixed martial arts and other sports.

The super popular debate on “natty or not” also arises in these public discussions.

Chris Hemsworth is a famous actor who is often singled out for having some of the best physiques in Hollywood.

He is most famous for his role as Thor in the Marvel Universe.

Joe Rogan questions whether Chris Hemsworth is natural or not

In a recent podcast episode (arguably the most popular show in the world right now) he was asked about Chris Hemsworth and had this to say:

“It’s a good question.

Probably Thor [Chris Hemsworth] right guys.

Jason Mamoa.

Jason Mamoa and Thor.

Ever watch his workouts?

Like people go, ‘he’s taking steroids!’ bro, RELAX.

Sure USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) is not knocking on Chris Hemsworth’s door but you don’t get that big without immense amounts of hard work.

There’s no way.

You just don’t.

People are just saying, ‘oh he’s just taking steroids.'”

Rogan said.

Watch the Full Video:

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