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In this article, we take a peek into the life of Jeff Seid, a young, fast-rising star in the world, making his way through the bodybuilding scene and taking it by storm.

Life took him on a rollercoaster ride, from being a promising teenage athlete to suffering a devastating life-altering injury—but he didn’t let that dictate where he ended up.

Come with me to learn about the truly inspiring Jeff Seid.

Jeff Seid Wiki

Before I get into the details, here’s the Jeff Seid wiki:

Age:                           26.

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Date of birth:            12th June 1994.

Height:                      6 feet (183 cm).

Weight:                      210 pounds (95 kg).

Nationality:               American.

Profession:              Bodybuilder, men’s physique model and brand owner.

About Jeff Seid

According to himself, he began playing sports at the young age of five, proving that he’s been quite the jock for some time now.

Jeff Seid states that when he noticed that the girls liked his fit and toned physique, he became all the more determined to bulk—and requested that his parents bought him weights for his birthday.

He received his wish along with a guide called Weight Lifting for Dummies—which he has kept to this day for sentimental value. Jeff Seid indeed became bigger and stronger, going on to win many wrestling competitions and set multiple track records.

Unsurprisingly, several colleges approached him to join their teams due to his athletic prowess.

The number of women who wanted to see Jeff Seid nude increased as well. However, working out and looking good became more than just a way to impress the ladies.

He planned on a sport-funded college ride through his university years—but fate had other ideas. In the first football game of his senior year, he tore his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)—the tissue connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone.1

Unsurprisingly, he struggled with depression soon after as it seemed his dreams were shattered. All the scholarship offers were gone, leaving him with no way to pay for college.

He tried again a couple of months after the incident, hoping to make a comeback, but he tore his ACL again. This time it was clear there was no longer a future in sports.

Luckily, bodybuilding was calling his name.

He discovered the newest IFBB bodybuilding category, Men’s Physique. Since he had been training religiously for six years by that time, he decided to try out at the contest.

He entered and won the overall title at his first show.

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Overjoyed, he continued on this path. A year after his debut he went on to win the Nationals, officially making him the youngest IFBB professional in history. Two years following that he won another competition, qualifying him to compete in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown.

Although he didn’t win, he was catapulted into the spotlight, now having the opportunity to fly around the world and make public appearances. He has now competed in Mr. Olympia twice, written a book about his journey, and started his own clothing company called SeidWear.

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His journey is a truly inspiring one, showing us that you are not out until you give up.

You can find the Jeff Seid Instagram account here.

Net Worth

Currently, it’s believed that the Jeff Seid net worth is $1.5 million.

Jeff Seid Workout Routine

Jeff’s main workouts are cardio and heavy lifting. The cardio is good for his heart and stamina and he does it in HIIT form. He completes a ten-minute workout every other day.

His chosen cardio exercise is the bike. He keeps his RPM above 120 for 30 seconds at level 15, and then back to level five for another 30 seconds to rest. He will continue to alternate between the two for the entire ten minutes.

For his heavy lifting workouts, he concentrates on high loads and supersets to encourage max growth and perfect symmetry.


  1. Incline bench                       4 sets              10-8-8-6
  2. Incline flyes                          4 sets              10-10-8-8
  3. Cable crossovers                 4 sets              15-10-8
  4. Dumbbell flat bench                        4 sets              10-8-8-6
  5. Dips                                        4 sets              To failure
  6. Incline bench machine       3 sets              10 (superset)
  7. Pushups                                3 sets              To failure
  8. Pullovers                               3 sets              15
  9. Standing calf raises            4 sets              15
  10. Donkey calf raises               4 sets              15
  11. Seated calf raises                4 sets              15


  1. Deadlifts                                4 sets              15-10-8-6
  2. Bent over rows                     4 sets              12-10-8-8 (superset)
  3. Chainsaws                            4 sets              12-10-10-8 (superset)
  4. T-Bar rows                             4 sets              12-10-8-8
  5. Wide grip pull ups                4 sets              To failure
  6. Seated rows                          4 sets              10-8-8-6
  7. Wide grip lat pull downs     4 sets              12-10-8-8
  8. Good mornings                    3 sets              12
  9. Various ab exercises           10 mins          Crunches, hanging leg raises.


  1. Squats                                   5 sets              15-10-8-6-4
  2. Front squats                          4 sets              12-10-8-6 (superset)
  3. Hack squats                          4 sets              12-10-8-6 (superset)
  4. Leg press                               4 sets              10-8-8-6 (superset)
  5. Quad extensions                 4 sets              12-10-8-8 (superset)
  6. Lying leg curls                      4 sets              12-10-8-8 (superset)
  7. Standing calf raises            4 sets              15
  8. Donkey calf raises               4 sets              15
  9. Seated calf raises                4 sets              15


  1. Dumbbell shoulder press               4 sets              10-8-8-8
  2. Alt. front lateral raises                     4 sets              12-10-8-8
  3. Side lateral raises                            4 sets              12-10-8-8
  4. Arnold press                                     3 sets              10-8-8 (superset)
  5. Cable upright rows                          3 sets              8-10 (superset)
  6. Bent over lateral raise                     3 sets              8-10 (superset)
  7. Upright rows                                     3 sets              12-15 (superset)
  8. Shrugs                                               4 sets              15
  9. Various ab exercises                       10 mins          Crunches, hanging leg raises.

Here’s Jeff Seid pushing the shoulders hard:


  1. Barbell curls                                      4 sets              10-10-8-6 (superset)
  2. Incline bench skull crushers         4 sets              10-10-8-6 (superset)
  3. Machine curls                                   4 sets              8-10
  4. Pushdowns                                      4 sets              8-10
  5. Incline curls                                      4 sets              10-10-8-6 (superset)
  6. Kickbacks                                          4 sets              10-10-8-6 (superset)
  7. Concentration curls                         4 sets              8-10
  8. One arm extensions                                    4 sets              10-10-8-6 (superset)
  9. Standing calf raises                        4 sets              15
  10. Donkey calf raises                           4 sets              15
  11. Seated calf raises                            4 sets              15

Take a look at Jeff Seid working out the arms:

Weekend—Rest Days

Light cardio or HIIT if you haven’t completed any during the week.

Diet and Nutrition

Jeff Seid mostly sticks to lean protein, good carbs and healthy fats.

Meal #1

  • Five egg whites.
  • One whole egg.
  • Half a cup of oatmeal mixed with a large banana.

Meal #2

  • Protein shake and a green apple.

Meal #3

  • Eight ounces of chicken breast.
  • Salad.
  • One large sweet potato.

Meal #4

  • Ham sandwich and a handful of grapes.

Meal #5

  • Protein shake.

Meal #6

  • Eight ounces of steak.
  • One large sweet potato.
  • Broccoli.
  • Salad.

Meal #7

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Two glasses of full-fat milk.

Meal #8

  • Half a cup of Greek yogurt.
  • Half a cup of blueberries.

Here’s Jeff Seid talking about diet and nutrition:

Does Jeff Seid Take Steroids

Does Jeff Seid Take Steroids?

So, is Jeff Seid natural?

All over the internet, the question buzzes about the Jeff Seid steroids question.

Jeff Seid maintains that he’s natural, having a 14-year history in the fitness and athletics world.

He says it took him over nine years to achieve his goals and has actively spoken out against using steroids. He states that the whole point of aesthetics is to look healthy and that steroids do the opposite—making you appear old and your skin look bad.

However, it appears that Jeff Seid is constantly ripped—hardly ever seen with off-season bulk. Leading many people to suspect he’s using some synthetic cutting aid, such as Winstrol.

Here’s Jeff Seid talking about ‘roids.

Before and After

Jeff Seid sports massive gains and growth from the age of 12 when he received his first weights and began his fitness journey.

To be where he is today has taken him 12 years of training and living the bodybuilding lifestyle. It’s all about the dedication and hard work with Seid, and his outlook is that if you do the same, you could get a real Jeff Seid transformation.

Jeff Seid Before and After

Jeff Seid Supplements


Although Jeff says it’s better to use the funds required for supplements to buy food, he agrees it’s best to do what works for you. As such, he uses a few supplements that are vital for a proper Jeff Seid workout.

With Meal #1

  • Animal Pak.
  • 200 mcg of chromium picolinate.

With Meal #1 and #7 and Pre/Intra/Post Workout

  • One tablespoon of glutamine.

With Meals #2 and #4 and Post Workout

  • One serving of mass gainer.

Pre-Workout Drink

  • BCAA powder.


  • One tablespoon of creatine.
  • 2000 mg of vitamin C.
  • ZMA.
  • Two scoops of casein protein.

Jeff Seid Quotes: Motivation and Inspiration

Jeff Seid is very open with his journey and has dropped several words of inspiration to his fans:

“Nobody said it was easy. It won’t be easy. And it shouldn’t be easy. Nothing worth having comes easy. Don’t expect easy, be prepared to give it your all and you’ll be successful.”

“Training is a lifestyle now. I can’t imagine life without it. Working out is as much a part of me as my own skin and bones.”

Frequently Asked Questions

“How Old Is Jeff Seid?”

Many people wonder how old is Jeff Seid. I can reveal that the Jeff Seid age is 25 years.

How Tall Is Jeff Seid?”

The Jeff Seid height is six feet tall.

“How Much Does Jeff Seid Weigh?”

Jeff Seid weighs 210 pounds.

“Where Does Jeff Seid Live?”

He lives in Seattle, USA.

“Where Is Jeff Seid From?”

Jeff Seid is originally from Reston, Washington, USA.

“What Happened to Jeff Seid?”

Jeff Seid tore his ACL twice, ruining any chance of a future in athletic sports. But, he did not give up and made a future for himself in bodybuilding.


Jeff Seid Summary

Jeff Seid is truly an amazing and inspiring character who bounced back when no one expected him to—making a new path for himself.

We can look to him as an example of what happens when you refuse to give up.

A man who shows that determination is everything and not to let life get you down.



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