Jeff Seid Responds to Steroid Accusations: “I’m a Lifetime Natural”

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Jeff Seid, the renowned fitness influencer and natural bodybuilder, has recently addressed the ongoing steroid accusations surrounding his impressive physique.

Despite being criticized by experts in bodybuilding, such as Greg Doucette, for allegedly lying about steroid use, Seid took to his YouTube channel to clarify his stance and explain how he has maintained his natural status throughout his career.

The Natural Bodybuilding Competition

In his video, Seid revealed that he entered a natural bodybuilding competition to demonstrate his commitment to natural bodybuilding. He explained:

“I entered a natural bodybuilding competition and I’m going to explain why. I haven’t competed in 8 years, and I wanted to come back and hit the stage. I look at the current state of bodybuilding, and while I don’t want to comment on its trajectory, my goal was to showcase my physique and make a statement.”

Proving His Natural Status

Seid emphasized that the competition he entered was rigorously tested, including blood tests, urine tests, and polygraph tests, to ensure the authenticity of natural athletes. He highlighted:

“I got tested. I’m natural. I’m seeing a lot of guys commenting, saying things like, ‘You did the Mr. Olympia eight years ago, you can’t be natural.’ But if you compare my first Mr. Olympia competition to my recent competition, it’s clear I’ve gained over 10 pounds of solid muscle naturally over those years.”

Addressing Common Accusations

Seid also addressed common indicators of steroid use and why they don’t apply to him:

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“Throughout all the years, have I ever had any indicators of being on steroids? Never gotten gyno, no bad acne, and I don’t get overly huge and then small. My size has always been pretty constant. Even when I bulked up a couple of years ago and had to shred down, I lost a lot of muscle because I’m natural. It’s tough to maintain all that muscle as you’re shredding down.”

The Influence of Fitness Influencers

In his video, Seid expressed concern about the current trend of glorifying steroid use among fitness influencers. He urged these influencers to be more responsible with their words, considering the impact they have on impressionable young followers:

“I see top-level bodybuilders talking about their cycles and the steroids they’re taking, making it seem cool. You have to realize your words have power. Recommending steroids to impressionable kids is irresponsible. Be a leader and a role model.”

Encouraging Natural Bodybuilding

Seid’s message to aspiring bodybuilders was clear: there are natural federations and competitions where athletes can compete without resorting to steroids. He reflected on his own experience competing against athletes on steroids and the challenges he faced:

“If you want to take steroids, I don’t care. If you want to be natural, I don’t care. We are all bodybuilders who love to build muscle and improve over time. Let’s not bring each other down but support each other. I want to be an advocate for natural bodybuilding and show that you can achieve greatness naturally.”


Jeff Seid’s video is a powerful testament to his dedication to natural bodybuilding. By addressing the steroid accusations head-on and sharing his journey, he aims to inspire others to pursue their fitness goals without resorting to performance-enhancing drugs. As he continues to stay aesthetic and work hard, Seid’s commitment to natural bodybuilding remains unwavering, proving that hard work and dedication can indeed pay off.

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