Jeff Seid Looking Insanely Aesthetic When He Was Only 18 Years Old

Filmed here at 18 years old, Jeff Seid not only has one of the most impressive physiques for a teenager – he’s also captured a huge online following that makes him one of the world’s most popular fitness models. But the way he’s done it represents a new pathway for aspiring fitness models. Until recently, guys wanting to build up their profile had to rely on people like photographers or magazine editors to promote them. Jeff is one of a new generation that reaches out to the fans direct, through social media like YouTube, where he’s got millions of hits in just a few months.

There’s no doubt Jeff puts in the hard work to achieve his fantastic physique – he’s been training since he was 11, and has already won competitive titles against guys much older than him. But his success can also be measured by the huge fan base he’s already built up. Three weeks after this video was shot, Jeff won the US Jr Nationals, becoming the youngest IFBB Pro in history, the day after his 19th birthday.

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