Jeff Seid Claims To Be 100% Natural In A Recent Instagram Post - "Yes I am Still Natural"

Jeff Seid Claims To Be 100% Natural In A Recent Instagram Post – “Yes I am Still Natural”

Jeff Seid the young bodybuilder with incredible aesthetics claims being a natural bodybuilder.

That’s definitely possible but many people accuse him of using steroids to get that hard, muscular and aesthetic body.

Jeff Seid has been jacked since he was 17 years old and definitely has great genetics.

I don’t see why it would not be possible to get that kind of a physique Jeff Seid has naturally.

Jeff is getting annoyed of people accusing him of using steroids and made a post telling everyone that he is still natural.

So I took ‘natural’ out of my bio and now people are jumping to conclusions saying I hopped on dat der. This is gonna create a shit storm but let’s be honest it’s funny watching some of you haters squirm haha so yes I am still natural. I have nothing against steroids.. it’s your body your choice. My fans know I’m natty so I don’t need it plastered in my bio. And why does everyone care who is natural or not ? Just shut the fuck up and admire the aesthetics.
**btw this is a raw pic no sharpening, contrast, etc #umad

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