Jay Cutler: "Kai Greene Will Never Compete In The Mr Olympia Again"

Jay Cutler: “Kai Greene Will Never Compete In The Mr Olympia Again”

4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler made an interesting statement recently, he said that Kai Greene will never compete in the Mr Olympia competition again. As you probably remember, Kai Greene said last year that he was not allowed to compete in the Mr Olympia competition but later on it was found out that he did not sign the Mr Olympia contract and therefore was not allowed to compete.

Kai Greene has won the Arnold Classic 3x this year and is definitely looking better than ever.

Is Kai Greene trying to make the Arnold Classic a bigger bodybuilding show than the Mr Olympia by not competing there?

It will definitely be interesting to see if Kai Greene will in fact compete against Phil Heath in the Mr Olympia 2016.

That is definitely what all the bodybuilding fans in the world would like to see.

Phil Heath is definitely looking great these days and it seems like he will bring a great physique to the Mr Olympia 2016.

Phil Heath also made a comment about Jay Cutlers statement at it seems like he is more than prepared to compete against Kai in the Olympia.


The nr 1 bodybuilding news reporter Lui Marco analyses this situation in the video below and tells us what he think will happen:

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    If think Kai is bigger then heath but he is fucosing on Arnold classic nd am confuse why he never got any single year Mr Olympia ?

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