Jay Cutler Diet - What He Eats Everyday

Jay Cutler Diet – What He Eats Everyday

Jay Cutler is one of the best bodybuilders in history, winning four Mr. Olympia titles in his competitive years.

Jay Cutler is also the only bodybuilder in the world who has lost the Olympia title and came back to win it.

Even though Jay retired back in 2013, he is still in great shape and trains regularly.

One of the most famous quotes from Jay Cutler is:

I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function

Bodybuilders have to eat incredible much food to maintain and gain size.

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Jay didn’t care what the food he ate tasted like as long as it helped him get better.

Even though it has been some time since Jay competed, he still follows a great diet; he probably eats a bit less now than he did as a competitive bodybuilder.

Jay may not be a competitive bodybuilder anymore, but he certainly still has a lot of muscle mass.

Jay even joked about his famous quote, saying:

Now I eat for taste and not function

Jay Cutler Diet

Jay still follows a bodybuilders diet and eats a lot of protein to maintain his muscle size.

Jay showed precisely what he eats every day to continue staying in shape in a video.

Jay Cutler diet:

Watch Jay cutler in action explaining his daily diet now.

  • Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 2 cups of egg whites, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of Ezkiel bread, EEAS, Multivitamin, and a cup of coffee
  • Meal 2 : Outmeal with sugar
  • Meal 3 : Steak and rice
  • Meal 4 : Megafit meal (chicken/beef with rice)
  • Meal 5 : Megafit meal (chicken/beef with rice)

Jay also explains that he is traveling a lot and eats out a bunch; he always has the same breakfast but relies heavily on the mega fit meal service to provide him with quality meals when he is at home.

Jay Cutler Diet (video)

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