Powerlifter attempted to break Hafthor Björnsson's World record by 1 kg

Powerlifter Just Tried To Break Hafþór Björnsson’s 501Kg Deadlift World Record

Hafþór Björnsson strongman and Game Of Thrones superstar “The Mountain” famously beat the Deadlift world record from Eddie Hall which was previously 500 kg’s.

Hafþór broke the record by 1kg (501 kg) and it seemed like he could have lifted more weight at the time.

There has been rivarly between Eddie Hall and Hafþór Björnsson since 2017.

There was controversy after the 2017 strongman games when Hafþór said he was robbed of the title after Eddie Hall won.

The reason for that was that Hafþór didn’t get one of his reps counted in the Viking press because he double-dipped, however, he completed 14 reps which he seemed happy about after his lift.

Then Eddie Hall comes in and wins the event by doing 15 reps, Hafþór claimed he was robbed of the title because he felt like his rep was legit and that he should have tied with Eddie Hall in the viking press.

Since then these two strongmen have been clashing it out on social media and Hafþór famously beat the Deadlift record which was previously held by Eddie Hall by just 1 kg.

Eddie Hall doesn’t feel like Hafþór broke the record because he didn’t do it in a legit powerlifting meet or strongman competition, Hafþór broke the record in his gym in Iceland and live-streamed the event online.

Eddie Hall made a statement about this on his Instagram

The story doesn’t end here, because Eddie Hall and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson are going to take it to the ring, and have a scheduled boxing match in Septemeber 2021 in Las Vegas.

Currently they are both preparing for that fight and they are both retired from strongman for now.

With Hafþór currently holding the record in the deadlift there were a couple of powerlifters and strongmen who attempted to break that record by 1 kg.

Only one of them attempted 502 kg which would be a new world record if he would make the lift.

However things didn’t turn out to be successful for Ivan Makarov who attempted 502 kg as he missed the lift and barely got it up to his knees.

It seems like Hafþórs deadlift world record will stand for some time and who knows maby in a few years that world record will be beaten by someone else.

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