Influencer Makes Fun Of Old Man In The Gym, Joey Swoll Responds

Influencer Makes Fun Of Old Man In The Gym, Joey Swoll Responds

40-year-old bodybuilder and influencer Joey Swoll has been famous in the fitness scene for a long time, early in his career Joey gained attention because of his muscular and impressive physique.

Now Joey uses his platform to share gym positivity and has been named the CEO of gym positivity, Joey almost only posts videos now promoting gym positivity and treating others with respect in the gym.

As Joey’s message is simply to be kind to everyone around, be encouraging, don’t belittle anybody, and mind your own business.

Now that going to the gym has become increasingly popular with thousands of gym influencers and other people filming their workouts we have also seen an increase in gym toxicity.

If you rewind back 10 years there weren’t as nearly many people working as fitness influencers or people recording in the gym.

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With smartphones now being highly developed with good cameras, everyone is capable of recording with good quality.

Most fitness influencers today share a positive message in teaching people how to lift, providing guidance, and motivation, and being role models in the field of fitness.

However, not everyone is the same and there are many influencers in the gym ready with their camera to belittle someone whenever they get the chance.

Not everyone in the gym is an expert, many people are starting out and don’t know their way around the gym, Joey has said on numerous occasions that we should welcome beginners in the gym or people that are starting out and trying their best.

Also, not everyone has the same capabilities as you, some are limited because of factors such as age, obesity, or injury.

Even though most people in the gym are positive and encouraging to one another that’s not the case for everyone.

In recent months we have seen countless toxic gym videos being posted online where influencers make fun of gym goers by belittling them, labeling them as creeps, or making fun of them.

In a recent shocking video, a woman gym influencer made fun of an old man kicking a punching bag, obviously, the man was old and his kicks may not have been impressive but he was doing the best he could.

He may have been a kickboxer back in the day and maybe he has a passion for training that way still even though he may not have the same energy as he used to.

This woman decided to film the man to make fun of him, she then posted the video on social media to belittle the innocent old man who had no idea he was being filmed.

These kind of videos are posted to get likes and attention at the expense of innocent gym goers who don’t have a clue they are being filmed.

Filming people in the gym without their permission and posting the video can have damaging effects on the victims of this, who may see the video and never want to return to the gym again.

Joey Swoll was shocked that the young woman influencer would make fun of the elderly in the gym that are trying their best to stay in shape.

Joey Swoll gave this woman a piece of his mind, watch the video below:

Influencer Makes Fun Of Old Man In The Gym, Joey Swoll Responds (video)

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