Infinite Elgintensity - He made a career out of roasting crossfit

Infinite Elgintensity – He made a career out of roasting crossfit

Elgin Mones (Infinite Elgintensity) is a popular YouTuber who is close to 500 thousand subscribers on youtube. Now he frequently posts fail compilations on his channel from the fitness world with his hilarious voice-over commentary.

Elgin Mones is a certified lawyer and started the Youtube channel (Infinite Elgintensity) as a side gig, he still to this day works as a lawyer.

How did Elgintensity get started?

Infinite Elgintensity became popular a in 2014 when many of his videos went viral and his main focus was roasting Crossfit.

He used the opportunity and sold merchandise to his fan base, he started selling shirts with funny and unique designs which he still does to this day.

He was roasting famous CrossFit athletes and the Crossfit games on his youtube channel with voice-over commentary, he talked about their bad form, their strange approach, and how dumb he thought CrossFit was.

These kinds of videos gained a lot of attention as he wasn’t entirely wrong about some things. There was bad form in many of the videos and many people agreed with him.

Crossfit made copyright claims to many of his most popular videos and they cannot be found anywhere on the internet anymore.

However there are still many of his most popular videos from his early days still up.

Youtube took many of his videos down but Elgintensity didnt stop making videos.

He shifted his focus to planet fitness and everyday people making fails in the gym.

The planet fitness video is definitely one of his funniest videos ever.

Now he runs a very successful youtube channel, despite having many of his most popular videos taken down.

You can still find some of his early content roasting Crossfit online but it usually doesn’t stay long on youtube as it is taken down pretty quickly.

Elgintensity doesn’t just roast crossfit, there are a lot of content he can take shots at and he basically can do a video of everyone doing stupid shit in the gym.

I remember the funniest video he ever made (in my opinion) there was this guy in a regular gym who was doing a ridicilous Crossfit workout.

This video was originally posted by CrossFit on youtube and Elgintensity made a voice over on that video which was hilarious.

This was one his funniest video I have seen, but it’s nowhere to be found as CrossFitHQ filed a copyright claim to take it down.

A guy that roasts other people lifting, doesn’t he have to be an expert on lifting himself?

Absolutely, Elgintensity is no stranger to lifting weights, he has also posted videos of himself lifting weights.

How does Elgin Mones (Infinite Elgintensity) look like?

He is strong, in good shape and uses correct form which is what to expect from someone who roasts other people lifting weights for a living.

Elgin Mones aka Infinite Elgintensity is from Asian descent and often times calls himself “The asian reporter and returning champion”.

Many people want to see his face, he has several of videos of himself revealing his face.

The famous beefs Between Infinite Elgintensity, Vince G, Eliott Hulse, and CT fletcher

Elgintensity has taken shots at many popular figures in the bodybuilding scene, these include the roast he did on Vince G, Eliott Hulse along with the roast of Ct Fletcher and Samson his son.

In this video Infinite Elgintensity takes shots at Ct Fletcher and his “masssterplan” back workout.

Infinite Elgintensity didn’t just leave it at that, he also roasted CT Fletcher son, Samson Fletcher for using terrible form in the deadlift.

Samson Fletcher even responded and Elgintensity also roasted his reply.

One of the most famous roasts of Infinite Elgintensity was Vince G and it was at the period when the physiques of greatness duo were splitting up. If you do not know the backstory of it let me explain.

Chris Jones and Vince Garza owned a really popular youtube channel together back in the day which was called Physiques of greatness. This channel had hundreds of thousands of followers.

Then suddenly Chris Jones claimed ownership of the channel and kicked Vincent Garza for being lazy and getting paid the same amount of money despite doing nothing to help the channel grow.

That was the perfect opportunity for Elgintensity to take shots at Vince G, and Vince G even made a response video which Elgintensity also roasted.

Infinite Elgintensity is not afraid to go after everyone that does something which he consideres stupid.

The famous youtuber Elliott Hulse also got roasted by Elgintensity, Eliott Hulse called him Englin instead of Elgin by mistake.

Infinite Elgintensity quotes and sayings:

“Zero” has to be his most popular word, he says ZEEROO once somebody fails a lift or uses bad form.

“Inner city” phrase comes from a video which Jason Blaha made and targets “inner city people” as poor and dumb.

“The washed up loser Olympics” he calls the Crossfit games that name.

“Crosshit were bad form is the norm” this quote pretty much is self explanatory

“Crosshit forging elitist mediocrity” this quote also explains itself.

So what’s Elgin Mones aka Infinite Elgintensity doing now?

He still works as a lawyer, has a e-commerce clothing store, still making funny videos on his growing youtube channel.

Infinite Elgintensity still is to this day regularly posting videos on his youtube channel which is a great accomplishment as he has been active from 2012.

We here at BroScience have certainly enjoyed the content from Elginensity we even posted his videos on this website years ago which definitely helped them go viral.

There is just so much good and funny content this guy has made over the years it’s hard to put it all in one post.

Thanks for reading the article you can check out Elgintenisity’s youtube channel here:

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