How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Supplements or Vitamins

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Supplements or Vitamins

So how can we increase testosterone naturally?

I think you will agree with me when I say:

“Testosterone play an important role in maintaining and building muscle mass.”

In fact without testosterone we wouldn’t be able to build muscle.

Men who have low testosterone levels get fat more easily and building muscle becomes an almost impossible task.

how to increase testosterone without supplements

The man hormone testosterone is also the reason why men generally have more muscle mass than women naturally.

Men produce about 10 times more testosterone than women.

Testosterone is also responsible for our sex drive, energy levels and confidence.

In today’s article we will discuss how you can increase your testosterone levels naturally without the use of supplements or vitamins.

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

how to increase testosterone without supplements


Don’t be fat

Men who are overweight generally have low testosterone levels.

There are a few reasons behind this.

Testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen in our fat tissue.

When we have a lot of fat tissue we will convert more of our testosterone into estrogen.

Also,  obesity suppresses natural testosterone production, so by being too fat you will generally produce less testosterone.

Finally, testosterone is stored in fat tissue. So if we have too much fat on our body most of our testosterone will be stored there rather than in our blood stream.

With weight loss this process can be reversed and you can boost your testosterone production significantly just by losing weight.

Lift in The evening

Generally our testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning and their lowest in the evening.

Lifting weights elevates testosterone levels post workout.

Some claim that you will get a more post workout testosterone boost if you lift in the evening rather than in the morning.

All exercise can raise testosterone levels post workout,  however strength training will provide the biggest boost.

Don’t overtrain

I know many gurus out there say stuff like “there is no such thing as overtraining”.

However overtraining is a real thing and if we overtrain our testosterone levels will drop.

Some people can go to the gym everyday for 2 hours without overtraining while others can’t.

It really depends on the individual.

Signs of overtraining are: trouble recovering from workouts, soreness, weaker performance and trouble sleeping.

Eat foods that boost testosterone

Some foods contain minerals and vitamins that can elevate our natural testosterone production.

You should not be afraid to eat fats, high cholesterol foods, foods that contain vitamin D and Zinc.

These include oysters(high in zinc), beef, almonds,  tuna(high in vitamin D), eggs and garlic.

Include these foods into your diet and your testosterone levels may increase.

Avoid very low calorie diets

If you are cutting fat avoid following extreme low carb diets to lose weight.

Eating too little of food and particularly carbohydrates has been shown to reduce natural testosterone production.

So if you are dieting make sure you are eating at a calorie deficit but don’t follow some extreme starving diet.

Short workouts

Try to limit your lifting workout to under 1 hour, because when you train longer than that your testosterone levels will drop.

The best thing is to get a high intensity 30-50 minute lifting workout in.

Eliminate rest times and go hard, you’ll be surprised on how much you can accomplish in under an hour.

What Vitamins and Supplements Do Work For Boosting Testosterone?

We’ve now discussed ways to increase testosterone levels naturally without using supplements nor vitamins.

But just in case you were wondering what vitamins can elevate natural testosterone levels I’m going to tell you about the one’s you may want to include into your diet.

Testosterone boosters are basically supplements that contain ingredients that have been shown to boost natural testosterone production.

These include:

  • Vitamin-D3
  • Zinc
  • Oyster extract
  • Ginseng
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Stinging Nettle

For more information on the best testosterone boosting ingredients and supplements check out our article on the best 3 testosterone boosters here.

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