How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)

So how can men increase testosterone levels quickly?

It’s a question many men ask themselves, both younger and older men.

As you know when we get older our natural testosterone production drops.

With lower testosterone it is harder to function like a real man.

It get’s even worse.

You lose muscle mass, it comes almost impossible to build muscle, you are almost always tired, your sex drive goes down the drain and the list goes on and on.

You can build more muscle with higher testosterone levels.

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)Did you know that your testosterone levels can be very different from your peers?

Yes thats right, we do not all have the same testosterone production.

Some guys naturally possess high levels of testosterone while you and I may not be so lucky.

Guys with high testosterone levels experience these things:

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They have almost endless energy, have an easy time building muscle, they have a high sex drive, losing fat is not an issue and they generally get more attention from women.

If you are anything like me you have probably figured out that you do not possess high levels of natural testosterone.

You are probably wondering, what is testosterone?

I get this question a lot of times. “What is testosterone,  and why is it so important?”

Testosterone is a hormone produced naturally in the body.

This hormone is responsible for muscle growth, prevents you from getting fat, energy levels, sex drive, health and helps with maintaining muscle mass.

Here’s the deal

Men naturally produce more of testosterone than women.

That’s also the reason why women have less muscle mass than men.

The problem is that we aren’t producing as much testosterone as we can.

We are all able to produce crazy high levels of testosterone.

Without testosterone you are screwed when it comes to muscle building.

You simply won’t be able to build muscle mass even though your diet and training are perfect.

If you have low levels of testosterone this is what happens:

With low levels of testosterone levels there is a high chance that you are fat, weak , have very little muscle mass and you are consistently tired.

Basically a guy that won’t get a lot of attention from women.

Let’s face it…

Without testosterone you aren’t functioning like a real man.

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)

I am telling you its not your fault.

If you have low testosterone levels and all the symptoms that go along with it, it’s not your fault.

You are not to blame for your terrible testosterone production.

However there are some things you can do about it.

You should absolutely make the changes to increase testosterone levels.

You see I experienced the exact same thing you are going through.

I’m going to share with you how I became a real man again. (you can too)

I had low testosterone levels and let me tell you I was miserable.

My muscles didn’t grow no matter how hard I trained, I was fat, weak, always tired and depressed.

On top of it all my girlfriend cheated on me with another man. (I don’t blame her)

We are getting way too personal here but I wanted to tell you this.

The reason is that I found a solution that worked for me and several of other men to increase testosterone.

After my success I decided to write this guide on how men can increase testosterone levels. (Read on I am about to share with you the secrets)

Now here’s the best part:

This guide will help you increase testosterone levels and within a few weeks you will feel like a real man like you were born to be.

Now let me warn you…

This is not some kind of a guide that you follow for one week and your problem is solved.

It takes time to increase testosterone levels. (at least a few weeks)

Don’t worry,  its not that hard and everybody can do it

Well you don’t have to do anything extraordinary.

Just follow the tips below on how men can increase testosterone levels and you’ll be fine.

You are going to have less fat, more muscle and have extraordinary energy levels.

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)

This is what’s going to happen:

You will be able to build muscle mass faster than ever, you will lose fat, have crazy energy levels, increased confidence your sex drive will be higher and the best part is that you will actually feel like a real man.

Girls will actually turn their heads to check you out. (unless you are as ugly as me…. haha)

Now, I want to warn you my guide to increase testosterone is not for everybody.

It’s definitely not for steroid users or guys who are not patient.

You have to be prepared and willing to make the changes before you see the results.

This is easy guys,  you just have to make a few adjustments to your life and your testosterone levels will scale a new peak of awesomeness.

Increase Testosterone Levels Within Weeks (This is how)

So how can men increase testosterone?

I made this simple guide for guys just like you and me to reclaim their manhood and boost natural testosterone production.

This guide will not ruin your daily life.

Far from it actually, if anything you will feel better.

These are simple but vital steps to increase natural testosterone levels. (This is exactly what I did)

Follow this testosterone boosting guide below and you will see changes within a few weeks.

Step 1 – Eliminate stress to avoid losing muscle

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)This is crucial guys.

You may think this tip is not important at all, I am telling you it’s very important.

Now listen up, when you are stressed out your body produces a hormone called cortisol.

This hormone shuts down your immune system and also your testosterone production.

Cortisol may have been helpful a thousands of years ago when you were running away from a lion trying to kill you.

In todays day and age people are getting stressed out because of they can’t pay their rent or they are too late for work.

Cortisol will make you lose muscle mass, make you fat and shut down your testosterone production.

If you are constantly stressed out you are producing too much of this hormone.

This hormone is definitely necessary when you are running away from a lion trying to eat you but in this day and age we are producing too much of it for the wrong reasons.

Step 2 -I Tried A Testosterone Booster And Even I Was Surprised About What Happened Next

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)This tip alone may solve all of your problems. (Read on and see what happened to me)

With all the advancements in science in recent years a few interesting things have happened.

Scientists have identified a few ingredients that raise our natural testosterone production to it’s maximum potential

Most of us are not consuming these ingredients.

Premium supplement companies have now gotten their hands on these studies and have formulated testosterone boosting supplements for men.

Now, we all know that most of these supplements are a scam but I have found through endless research which of these supplements them actually work.

These are the ingredients I was successful with:

Scientifically proven ingredients like: Zinc, Vitamin D-3, Oyster extract, Ginseng, Magnesium, Vitamin K-2, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 and D-Aspartic acid.

When looking for a formula make sure it contains ALL of these ingredients.

They will supercharge your natural testosterone production.

 Supplements To Increase Testosterone:

Testofuel is better for younger guys in my opinion, even though you are young this product will work very well.

Prime Male contains ingredients that increase testosterone levels in older men, also it prevents older guys from losing their natural testosterone production with age.

If you want a testosterone booster that works I want to tell you something.

These are the only 2 testosterone supplements I would be comfortable using, I use Testofuel all year around.

You may look at these testosterone boosting supplements as some worthless pills.

They are actually much more than just some pills, they can make things so much easier for you.

Here’s what happened to me:

I was very surprised.

After a few weeks of using Testofuel I was building muscle like I’ve never experienced before.

Well, I have always enjoyed training but I’ve never gotten results fast, it has always been a very slow process for me.

I probably built about 3 times the muscle twice as fast when I was using Testofuel.

I already knew it contained scientifically proven ingredients but it worked so much better than I ever expected.

The interesting thing was that I experienced all the other benefits of high testosterone levels like:

Extremely high sex drive, lost a couple pounds of fat and endless energy.

This supplement is definitely a game changer especially for guys who do not have high levels of testosterone.

Step 3 – Lose weight and do strength training for optimal testosterone levels

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)If you are fat I have bad news for you.

Did you know that fat men produce less testosterone than fit men?

So if you are getting fatter and fatter with each year that goes by your testosterone production is dropping.

It means that it will be harder for you to lose fat and build muscle the fatter you are.

It get’s even worse…

This is the reason why so many fat men have feminine traits or are starting developing them.

They basically look like women.

Alright, so what can you do about it?

First of all you should eliminate simple carbs from your diet.

These include sugar and wheat.

Eat more vegetables and protein rich meats.

Just by doing this alone you should see some changes.

If you are not exercising currently you can simply start by walking 1 hour every day.

This will increase your metabolism and burn off more calories.

Strength training increases testosterone

Also another great form of exercise is lifting weights, master the deadlift, squat and bench press.

That way you will build muscle mass and lose fat in the process.

By including strength training in your routine you will boost testosterone.

Our body naturally increases testosterone by doing physically demanding exercises.

You can also find a bunch of articles here on this website on how to workout right and diet.

Find a plan stick to it and you will lose weight and build muscle.

Step 4 – Consume Healthy Fats for higher testosterone

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)Healthy fats are very important for testosterone production.

They actually help our body to produce more testosterone.

You are probably asking : what are healthy fats?

Healthy fats are for example: Avocados, nuts, olive oil, cheese, eggs, fatty fish and chia seeds.

These are foods that will increase testosterone levels naturally.

Make sure you eat a plenty of these throughout the day.

This will help your body to produce more of testosterone and it’s a quite easy tip to follow to be honest.

Fat is not the enemy guys.

Sugar is the enemy, if you consume too much of sugar your testosterone production gets lower.

So just by increasing healthy fats and reducing sugar intake you will be well on your way.

Also, don’t be afraid of healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, oats and brown rice.

They have a positive influence on testosterone production.

Step 5 – Short explosive workouts to boost t levels

How Men Can Increase Testosterone Levels Fast (Reclaim Your Manhood)You don’t want your workout to last too long.

This is why:

The reason behind that is after about 45 minutes to an hour of working out your body starts producing the hormone cortisol.

What happens is that your testosterone level drop.

Working out too long will be counterproductive for muscle gains and testosterone production.

So keep this in mind when working out.

Simply add more intensity to your workout.

This means that you should do more work in a shorter period of time.

Take less time in rest in between sets.

Your workout doesn’t have to take 2 hours, you can get a lot of work done in less than one hour.

Just focus on compound movements like deadlift, squats, bench press, pull ups, back rows, dips, and lunges.

These exercises work more than one muscle at the time and will help you to keep your workout shorter than it needs to be.


Guys I must tell you this.

Follow this guide for at least 2 months.

What will happen is that you will see changes you thought were impossible.

You will build muscle, be more energetic, your sex drive will improve, you will lose fat and simply be more like a real man.

So this is how men can increase testosterone levels fast.

I hope you try this out and see for yourself.

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