How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises

How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises

So you want to know how you can increase arm size by doing compound exercises?

Yes,? I thought so keep on reading and find out.

We’d like you guys to take a moment to ask yourselves what kind of exercises you do for arm growth.

If you are like most brahs, chances are you rely on rope pushdowns, tricep kickbacks, skullcrushers and about 20 different variations of bicep curls.

What do all of these exercises have in common?

They are isolation exercises – they only work the arm muscles.

Now you are probably thinking “Hey, aren’t arm isolation exercises the best way to add size to the biceps and triceps?”

While isolation exercises certainly have their place in a well-rounded arm workout they shouldn’t replace good old fashion compound exercises.

Yes, you read that last paragraph correctly.

If you want to build massive arms you simply can’t ignore the compound exercises like squats, deadlift, pull-ups, dips, etc.

These exercises force your body to involve a ton more muscle fibers in the workout which leads to greater testosterone production.

Remember that testosterone is the all-important muscle building hormone and without it you will have a hard time building mass anywhere on your body.

So what kind of exercises should you start including in your routine for more arm size?

Check out our list below on the best exercises for arm size.

How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises


This is one of the classic bodybuilding lifts that just won’t go away – because they work!

Start by doing dips with your bodyweight and once you are able to perform 4 sets of 12 you can start adding weight.

This movement involves not only the tricep muscles but also the chest and shoulder. Try to keep your body as straight as possible while performing these (vertical) to keep more of the focus on the arms.

How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises

Close Grip Bench Press

This is an often overlooked exercise that should be a staple of your routine.

It’s fairly simple to perform – you are essentially performing a regular bench press with a narrower grip.

The result of moving your hands in will be more emphases on the tricep muscles.

You typically won’t be able to lift as much on this exercise as you would for a normal bench press given that your chest muscles are not as involved. Aim for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.


A lot of people tend to get these confused with pull-ups so allow us to clarify.

A pull-up is when your palms are facing away from you and a chin-up is when your palms are facing towards you.

Now, when you are performing those chin-ups make sure you focus on using your biceps to help lift you up (i.e., contract the biceps).

Aim for 4 sets to failure with bodyweight but once you can bang out 15 clean reps then start adding weight.

For those who can’t perform a single rep (don’t worry, most people can’t at first) use your momentum to jump up to the top of the lift and lower yourself slowly for no more than 5 reps.

This will get your body used to the movement and help develop the necessary muscles.

Just don’t go overboard with these as they put lots of strain on your muscles. Before long you should be able to do 1 or 2 normal reps and then you can start training that way.

How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises

Barbell Row with Reverse Grip

To perform these, load up a barbell with some weights, lean forward and lift it into your stomach.

You will want to grip it with palms facing towards you as this allows for more bicep involvement.

Also lifting this way allows for greater range of motion which means more lat involvement.

Similar to the other exercises on this list, barbell rows recruit a lot of different muscles which means you will get a greater testosterone boost.

The Impact of Testosterone

Since we’ve mentioned testosterone a few times in this article, it’s important to give a bit more detail on why this is so important.

You see, testosterone is the hormone that essentially makes us men.

Those of us with high t-levels tend to have more energy, muscle mass, less fat and generally look and feel more masculine.

The most effective way to supercharge your natural testosterone production is taking in a testosterone booster.

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