Illia Golem Plans To Bulk Up to 380 lbs (now he is 360 lbs)

Illia Golem Plans To Bulk Up to 380 lbs (now he is 360 lbs)

Illia Golem from Belarus has taken the internet by storm for the last couple of years and has established himself as one of the biggest mass freaks in the world.

Even though Illa Golem is a massive 360-lbs and shredded, he doesn’t compete in bodybuilding.

This makes him one of the biggest bodybuilders globally that don’t compete in bodybuilding.

Even though Illia Golem is one of the biggest bodybuilders globally, he is not done with putting on muscle mass.

Illia Golem revealed on his YouTube channel that his current goal is to bulk up to 380-lbs by adding clean muscles.

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Illa said that he would eat anywhere between 11-12 thousand calories every day to achieve this goal:

Almost 360lbs, growing goes well, 11000-12000 calories daily, crazy heavy workouts. 

The bodybuilding superstar became famous for his incredibly massive physique, which resembled the shape of one of the most influential bodybuilding superstars, Rich Piana.

Illia shared pictures of his massive physique, showcasing his monstrous size that not many guys can match.

The rising bodybuilding influencer moved to the States a couple of years ago to pursue his career as a bodybuilding influencer.

So far, he is doing great and has amassed 270k followers on his rapidly growing Instagram page.

Here are the things Illia Golem said about his bulking plans to get to 380-lbs:

My weight now is almost 360 lbs, so I gained a few pounds more and I feel really good. My workouts are improving, I increase the working rate in some exercises, I feel way more pump, and more fullness in my muscles, this is the result of increasing my food intake.

Illa Golem Discussing His Journey To 380-lbs and addressing health concerns (video)

Illa also talked about the health of doing this and said that he had done blood tests that came out fine.

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