How You Can Lose 7-10 lbs In 30 Days Using 3 Simple Strategies

How You Can Lose 7-10 lbs In 30 Days Using 3 Simple Strategies

We feel your frustration. You’ve tried “eating healthy”. You’ve browsed the internet looking for a legit solution for the question you have been asking yourself for years. “Why am I not 8% fat and in perfect physical shape?”

You’ve done everything you can but there is still something holding you back.

Here’s the deal:

In today’s world it has never been easier to lose fat and get in shape. It doesn’t require perfect genetics, working out 2 hours every day or “eating healthy”.

It’s actually a very simple process once you cut through the misinformation that’s laying out there.

Cutting through the misinformation is the hardest part.

In fact, if you have not been able to lose unwanted body fat it is highly likely that it has nothing to do with you.


There is so much bullshit surrounding this subject it’s a wonder that we are still able to stay motivated or actually get results.

If this has left you even more confused , take a deep breath and relax.

Good news!

In this article we are going to cut through the misinformation, bullshit and confusion.

And we will talk about the 3 effective yet very simple strategies to actually lose fat.

We have been lied to for years

the Eatwell plate

Before we go over the legit strategies to lose body fat.

Let’s uncover the biggest lies that we have been told to since we were kids.

We have been told for years by our teachers, parents and government to follow “the eatwell plate”

Many schools have made us eat this way and made us learn about this “healthy diet”.

Unfortunately we have been lied to.

This diet has nothing to do with getting in perfect physical shape.

However this diet has made thousands of people just like me and you too fat.


If we take a look at the people who taught us to eat this way the majority of them are out of shape and fat.

Still they talk about this diet like it’s the best thing ever.

If you have been eating this way it’s highly likely that you are too fat.

Unless you have some kind of godlike genetics or a crazy high metabolism.

Which unfortunately most of us do not possess.

In order for us to lose unwanted body fat the eatwell plate is ineffective.

Here’s why:

We do not need so many fruits and vegetables, we do not need bread or pasta, we do not need to eat dairy and we definitely do not need fatty or sugary foods.

Strategy #1 – Dieting for consistent results

We have finally cut through some bullshit and we are ready to actually hear the truth.

This strategy is dead simple but so effective.

Actually most effective strategies that work are very simple.

Eat at a calorie deficit and consume enough protein to preserve lean muscle mass

Losing fat is actually not harder than that.

This means we will have to find out how many calories per day we are burning.

Also, eat about 0,8- 1 gram of protein for each pound on our body to maintain muscle mass.

Some of us are about 200 lbs this means eating  160-200 grams of protein per day.

Here’s the deal:

For most of us to get that much of protein into our diet daily requires a protein shake.

Despite the fact that our parents and teachers have told us that supplements and protein shakes are bad for us, it is not true.

Finding out how many calories per day we should consume for fat loss can take some time to find out.

This may come with trial and error, but is definitely required for consistent and sustainable results.

The best part?

The beautiful thing about that is once we have found out have many calories to eat per day, we possess the “secret formula for fat loss.”

You can start off by eating 2000 calories per day.

If you are losing weight too fast, you can increase the number by 200 calories.

If you are not losing weight simply decrease the calorie intake by 200 calories.

This way we can find out our “magic number” at know exactly how to eat to lose fat!

Strategy #2 Increase Your metabolism

Out metabolism is kind of like the fat burning machine in our bodies.

If we have a high metabolism we burn off more calories throughout the day and therefore able to eat more and still lose weight.

On the hand if our metabolism is slow we need to eat on a lower calorie diet to experience fat loss.


The good thing is that we can actually increase our metabolism and burn off more calories.

The most simple way to increase metabolism is to work out.

Run, lift, cycle or play sports.

It doesn’t matter as long as our heart rate goes up for a certain period of time.

Keeping our protein intake high enough to maintain muscle mass is also crucial.

As we have discussed about 0,8 -1 gram of protein per pound is a good number to aim for.

The bottom line?

By exercising you will increase your metabolism, making the process of losing fat easier.

You will also able to eat more since you burn through calories when working out.

Strategy #3 Increase Your Fat Burning Potential

Even though our parents, teachers and friends tell us supplements are “dangerous”

The fact of the matter is that 99.9% of supplements are safe.

However very few of them are effective and actually work.

What we can do immediately to increase our fat burning potential us using supplements designed especially for fat loss.

But we have to be careful to choose the right types of supplements, not the one’s that do not work!

Some of these supplements help us by:

Increasing our metabolism,  give us more energy and increase the internal temperature in our body.

Which results in us losing more body fat.

Of course as we all know supplements are no miracle pills,  they will only speed up our fat loss results.

What has worked well for most people who are just like me and you is using legal steroid alternatives.

Here’s the deal:

These supplement mimic the fat loss effects of steroids without the unwanted and dangerous side effects.

These supplements are the best are the best options for us who want to remain healthy and safe while using effective supplements.


Our top rated supplements for fat loss is clenbutrol and the cutting stack.

Clenbutrol works very well individually but the cutting stack consists of 4 different supplements (including clenbutrol)

Which makes the cutting stack the most powerful combination of supplements to lose fat.

Clenbutrol #1 Rated Fat Loss Supplement

Clenbutrol by Crazybulk has been rated the # 1 fat loss supplements for a few years now.

It is a legal alternative for the banned substance Clenbuterol.

It contains only safe, effective and natural ingredients that help us losing fat faster without any side effects.


Clenbutrol Pros and cons


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The cutting stack by crazybulk is by fat the most effective stack to lose weight.

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