How You Can Increase Your T-Levels Easily For Muscle Growth

How You Can Increase Your T-Levels Easily For Muscle Growth

So you want to increase your t-levels?

The muscle building hormone testosterone is one of the most important factors when it comes down to sexual drive, muscle mass, mascullanity, overall health, bone density and the countless of other beneficial effects it has on the body.

Some guys are lucky and naturally have great genetics and high natural testosterone production, you have probably seen the guys who start training in the gym and after about 6 months they are muscular, strong and look like they have been lifting for years.

These guys probably have more natural testosterone production in their body than the average guy,  I am NOT talking about the idiots who start taking in steroids as soon as they step a foot in the gym.

That’s a whole another subject, but you can easily detect the beginners who start taking in steroids and all of the sudden they look have been lifting for years with acne all over their body. What happens 6 months later when these guys stop taking in the stuff?

They quit the gym and never return, I have seen this happen countless of times, don’t be that guy !

This stuff (steroids) can have some nasty side effects nobody wants to experience like the craziest acne on the back, gyno (bi*ch tits) and some dangerous effects on the organs.

I knew this one guy who started taking in loads of this stuff, he might have gotten bigger but had to go to the doctor because of he had some strange feeling in is heart, turns out his heart had increased in size and he had to stop taking in this stuff immediately.

Well of course some guys claim to be completely healthy and are taking this stuff (steroids), well good for them, but I am not risking my health for temporary muscles, that’s just not worth it for me.

But what about us, the guys who are NOT genetically blessed, do not want to take in dangerous steroids and are not blessed with the privilege of having high natural testosterone production?

We still want to look muscular, be strong, shredded and look like we actually lift.

Well, I have good news for you.

Every guy is able to increase his testosterone production naturally to that degree that it supports muscle growth and he has above average natural testosterone production in his body.

Follow the tips below to increase your t-levels naturally, stay healthy and make more gains than ever before!

How You Can Increase Your T-Levels Easily For Muscle Growth Increase Your T-Levels

1 – Perform Resistance Training

If you are concerned with your testosterone levels chances are it’s because you are trying to put on muscle (or shed fat). When you lift weights your t-levels spike right after leaving the gym.

In fact, many men tend to report they have higher energy and libido levels around this time. However, it’s the compound exercises like bench press and squats that cause the biggest testosterone releases.

Many people try and experiment with different combinations of reps and sets to figure out what boosts t-levels the most, but nothing matters nearly as much as performing the right exercises.

2 – Don’t do Too Much Cardio

Cardio is important for a number of reasons – it improves your overall health (particularly your heart health) and can help shed body fat.

However, performing too much cardio can actually derail your progress as it can cause your body to go catabolic – breaking down muscle mass in order to provide energy. One perfect example of this type of process at work is in marathon runners.

Notice how they are all extremely skinny?

That’s because carrying muscle mass doesn’t help them and so the body gets rid of it in order to have less baggage to carry around. Performing too much cardio has also been shown to actually reduce testosterone levels.

We’re not saying you will end up with a marathon runner’s physique if you train cardio but you definitely want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep cardio sessions short and limited to only a few times per week – particularly when you are trying to add muscle mass.

3 – Eat Lots of Protein

We’ve all heard about how important protein is to building muscle mass – after all whey protein is the most popular supplement out there. However what a lot of people don’t realize is that consuming protein actually increases testosterone levels!

Multiple studies have shown that diets high in protein result in higher level of testosterone around the clock. Make sure you are consuming the right types of protein sources like eggs, chicken, whey and lean beef.

You want to make sure you are consuming at least 1g of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Another way to look at is to make sure at least 30% of your daily calories are coming from protein. Therefore if you consume 3,000 calories per day at least 900 calories should be coming from protein. Since there are 4 calories in 1g of protein the person consuming 3,000 calories per day should take in at least 225g of protein.

4 – Eat Lots of Veggies

Hopefully at this point you are already aware of the fact that vegetables are good for your health. Well what you might not know is that they also boost your testosterone levels!

Studies show that consuming vegetables like broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and bok choy will boost t-levels as a result of the nutrients that they contain which help suppress estrogen.

Make sure you are getting multiple servings per day of vegetables. Don’t always rely on the same ones as consuming a variety will lead to a better overall nutrient profile.

However don’t force yourself to eat veggies you don’t like as this will usually lead to avoiding them altogether. Don’t worry too much about over-eating as these vegetables are very low in calories.

 Increase Your T-Levels

5 – Eat Healthy Fats

You want to make sure you get plenty of healthy fats like omega-3s and even some saturated fats.

While a lot of people think that saturated fats are bad for you the truth is that they actually boost testosterone levels making it easier to put on muscle mass.

We’re not saying to get all your protein from fatty protein sources however as long as you are staying within the proper macro split feel free to throw some pork or ground beef into the mix.

Aim for about 10% of your daily calories coming from saturated fat. Since 1g of fat contains 9 calories a person who is consuming 3,000 calories per day should consume about 34g of saturated fat.

On top of that you should get another 10% of your calories from unsaturated fats like olive oil and fatty fish.

6 – Cut Out the Booze

We love to get wasted as much as the next guy but unfortunately this type of lifestyle does not go hand in hand with muscle growth and high testosterone. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a couple drinks every once in awhile but getting drunk regularly will bring your testosterone levels down.

If you are truly committed to building a great physique you will simply need to give up the binge drinking sessions.

7 – Keep up with the professionals

Consuming the right testosterone boosting ingredients can have increase your testosterone production naturally.

The first sign most guys experience see when taking in a proven testosterone booster is that they will have harder erections days after they start taking it in, that is an obvious sign that t-levels are increasing.

Choosing a testosterone booster with the right ingredients is the most important thing you have to keep in mind before supplementing with a testosterone booster

Make sure it contains ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, ginseng, vitamin D, oyster extract and some others.

These are the most effective ingredients you can consume to increase natural testosterone production in the body. We have made a complete guide on the best testosterone boosting ingredients and a list of testosterone boosters that contain the right ingredients.

You can also take the ingredients separately if you like, but many guys prefer to have them all together in one supplement.

Because if it is a proven testosterone boosting supplement it will have the right ingredients in the right proportions and make it a lot easier for you rather than taking the ingredients in separately with 5-10 different bottles to buy.

You can read our complete guide on testosterone boosting supplements here.

8 – Get Plenty of Sleep

Do you know when you do the majority of your recovery from your training sessions?

It’s when you are sleeping.

However what you might not know is that getting enough sleep helps keep testosterone levels high. To top it all off you will also have a lot more energy to get through difficult workouts. As a result you need to start making sleep a priority.

If you are only getting 3-4 hours of sleep several nights per week you are shooting yourself in the foot.

You won’t be able to recover in time for your next workout, your testosterone levels will drop and your day-to-day cognitive abilities will suffer.

 Increase Your T-Levels

9 – Take Breaks from Lifting

In addition to getting enough sleep you need to make sure you are giving yourself time to recover during the day as well.

If you are going to the gym 7 days per week you are definitely overtraining, so try and limit it to 4-5 at most.

This will give you a few days off each week to give your body extra time to recover. It will also reduce the likelihood that you will end up overtraining. Some people like to schedule the rest days on weekends so they can let their bodies relax completely – maybe even get a massage!

10 – Have Plenty of Sex

This one is kind of funny because let’s be honest – most guys who aren’t having much sex didn’t choose that lifestyle for themselves.

As you know libido levels are tied to testosterone – therefore if you have high testosterone levels you will also want frequent sex.

However, if you are having frequent sex your body will also increase libido levels to match it – and since we’ve already established the link between the two it’s safe to say your t-levels will increase as a result.

Most Important To Remember

Remember the key points to increase your t-levels:

  • Perform resistance training and focus on compound movements like squats, deadlifts and bench press
  • Don’t do too much cardio, keep it in moderation to reduce the catabolic effect it has on the body
  • Eat enough protein to support muscle growth and testosterone production
  • Eat vegetables they increase testosterone production
  • Eat more of saturated fats as they have a positive influence on the natural testosterone production in the body.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol
  • Consume a testosterone booster with the right ingredients to increase your t-levels naturally.
  • Get plenty of sleep for recovery and testosterone production
  • Take breaks from lifting once in a while
  • Have plenty of sex, libido and testosterone work together.

So there you have it guys, make sure to follow these tips above to increase your t-levels naturally, safely and make more gains than ever before.

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