How To Turn Carbs Into Muscle and NOT Fat

Turn Carbs Into Muscle Mass Rather Than Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass FAST

Bodybuilders these days seem to have a love-hate relationship with carbs. But the number one secret everybody who is serious about building muscle wants to know is “How the f**k do I turn carbs into muscle mass?”

Well, on the one hand we need them to get through the day and to perform at a high level in the gym and even in the office or at school. However once body fat starts getting into the double digits and those abs begin to fade away all of a sudden they don’t seem so great anymore.

You’ve heard of the Paleo diet, right? Perhaps you’ve even given it a shot. Well, low and behold the fat started coming off – only problem is that you are feeling tired, cranky, moody and weak.

The secret is to turn carbs into muscle rather than storing them in your fat cells
The secret is to turn carbs into muscle rather than storing them in your fat cells

Are carbs the enemy or are they here to help us?

It’s important to say that carbs are not necessarily evil even if you are trying to get cut. Depending on what your body is doing with those carbs they can actually be very helpful. Unfortunately a lot of us have a hard time dealing with them and often end up storing them as fat.

Therefore it obviously isn’t the best idea to go out and binge on low quality carbohydrates and certainly not on sugary ones. However if you focus on the healthy, high quality carbs like green vegetables you will find that your body responds the way you want, which is obviously to turn carbs into muscle mass.

So what happens when we eat carbohydrates?

Well, they break them down into glucose which is then released in the bloodstream. This results in an increase in insulin release which transports the glucose into the cells to be stored or burned as fuel depending on the needs of the body. If the storage space runs out (and some people are more prone to this than others) your body moves it somewhere else and where better to store it than as fat?

Ideally you want your body to store as much of those carbs as glycogen as possible however everyone responds differently. Fortunately, thanks to scientific advances there have been numerous discoveries in this field about the types of foods that can actually help improve your insulin response to carbohydrates and also the pharmacy and supplements industry has discovered breakthrough natural muscle building formulas.

The following 4 nutrients have been shown to dramatically increase your body’s ability to store carbs in the muscle cells, providing you with more energy, better performance at the gym and most importantly – they aren’t stored as fat.

4 Nutrients That Turn Carbs Into Muscle

Along with an overall healthy diet, training hard, supplementing with the correct supplements you can add these nutrients to your diet to build muscle a bit faster.

Make no mistake about it, the industry is always evolving and we need to keep up with breakthrough discoveries and formulas. So, if you’re serious about building muscle you’re going to have to make sure you read researches about nutrients and supplements that build muscle.


how to turn carbs into muscle mass
Fenugreek is in most muscle building supplements

We’ve covered Fenugreek before in our secret guide to getting jacked faster – You can read the report here.

If you’ve never heard of Fenugreek don’t worry – it’s relatively new to the mainstream bodybuilding scene but it’s rapidly growing in popularity. It is a plant grown in in different parts of Africa and Asia which can be ground up and used as a powder or to season foods.

Some cultures, however, will eat the plant leaf as-is. It’s been used in Chinese medicine for generations as a very potent treatment for diabetes. Modern research has revealed that Fenugreek actually lowers blood sugar levels by slowing down the rate at which carbs are digested.

A study done in India showed that 100g of fenugreek consumed daily can dramatically reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Lesser amounts of fenugreek were also given to people with mild type 2 diabetes with similar results.

Although there aren’t a ton of Fenugreek products out there you should definitely look at picking one up if you know or suspect you might be one of the people who reacts poorly to carbs and is more prone to storing them as fat.

We spent months researching the best muscle building supplement ingredients and Fenugreek was one of them. You can read our free research here and learn how you can build muscle faster with it.

Banaba Leaf and Corosolic Acid

Another head scratcher – don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this one because neither had we until recently.

Corosolic Acid is actually the extract of the Banaba Leaf. Hey – the point of this article wasn’t to tell you about 4 nutrients you already knew of!

Like Fenugreek, Banaba Leaf has been used in the far east for centuries and is only now turning some heads here in the west. This is a result of multiple studies showing how Banaba Leaf reduces blood sugar levels quickly after eating carbs.

It does this by slowing down the speed at which you break down starches and sugar as well as improving your body’s metabolism.


Finally one you have actually heard of! Seriously though, if you don’t know cinnamon you must have lived a pretty sheltered life. Well a lot of studies have come out over the past year exploring the link between cinnamon and blood sugar levels.

These studies show that not only does it reverse certain instances of diabetes but in some cases even stops it entirely. It does this by mimicking insulin in the body which helps improves your cell’s sensitivity to it.

In one particular test 60 men and women reported a decrease in fasting serum glucose level between 18-29% after a month. Which is why men and women can use cinnamon to turn carbs into muscle mass.

Bitter Melon

Yet another medicine from the far east makes the list thanks to its ability to reduce blood sugar levels while also improving insulin sensitivity. It is actually a fruit grown in Asia and is used as an ingredient in a lot of foods eaten all over the continent.

Studies have shown how, in addition to suppressing appetite, it also improves glucose tolerance.

+That means less instances of type 2 diabetes.

The most important lesson

best way to turn carbs into muscle mass for men and not fat
Get the most out of your training

If you’re one of the few that are actually serious about building muscle and getting jacked. Then you already know that you have to get the most out of every training session. Which is why you realise that you have to make sure you are benefitting from the highest quality of nutrients and natural supplements.

Make sure you study the ingredients that work.

Because some companies actually put ineffective fillers in their supplements.

We spent months researching to put together the no-bullshit guide to getting jacked with the help of supplements. You can read that here if you like.

As for the ingredients mentioned in this article. If you’ve heard of any of these nutrients (other than Cinnamon of course) we are seriously impressed with your nutrition knowledge – or maybe your parents are from East Asia and prepare these things for you at home.

Unfortunately these aren’t nearly as popular in the west yet but we expect that to change as more research is done on them and more importantly they become widely available in supplement stores.

Low-carb diets like Atkins and Paleo have become popular in recent years for getting shredded, particularly for people with high insulin sensitivity. These diets work well in getting you shredded since you don’t have to worry about the carbs being stored as fat.

However, while you can get away with low carb diet on a cut it’s really hard to pull off when you are trying to bulk.

Problem is as soon as you start reintroducing carbs to your diet your body starts acting up! It can be frustrating when you are trying to put on muscle during a bulk while minimizing fat gain. It’s particularly difficult when your body doesn’t respond well to carbs.

The most sure way to pack on the muscle is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vitamins so that you can turn carbohydrates into lean muscle mass. And the only way to be sure is to do the research first.

Because, supplements, if done right, can help you turn carbs into muscle by storing your carbohydrates in the muscle cells rather than fat cells.

Fortunately, ingredients like the ones listed above and in our FREE guide to getting jacked can help alleviate your concerns.

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