How to Shed Fat without Losing Muscle

How to Shed Fat without Losing Muscle

Finished your most recent bulk but can’t see much definition?

Fat lies on top of the muscles so having a high body fat % will hide a lot of the gains you have made.

Now it’s time to cut, but make sure you don’t lose any of that hard-earned muscle mass!

Check out the tips below to ensure you shed only the fat!

How to Shed Fat without Losing Muscle

How to Shed Fat without Losing Muscle

1.Put together a plan

Losing fat while minimizing muscle loss takes a lot of discipline as well as planning.

Make sure that every morning when you wake up you know exactly what you are going to eat that day to take the guesswork out of it.

Take the 30 second survey to see the recommended plan for your body type.

Calculate in advance the exact macros you need to reach and what foods will get you there so that you know you can easily measure how well you are following your diet.

Additionally, don’t make too many drastic changes to your diet at once as this will make it harder to maintain.

Add them gradually and build on your momentum. It’s much easier to make a series of small changes than it is to make one big change.

2. Support your training

While nutrition may be number 1, having a great training session is also crucial to improving your physique.

To make sure you don’t waste it, make sure you support your training session be consuming the right foods before and after you hit the gym.

A whey-protein based supplement can be great here for its convenience – 30 grams prior to and 50 grams after will ensure optimal recovery and provide your muscles with the necessary fuel to get the most out of your lifts.

3. Carb cycle

Many of the best diet plans out there include some form of carb cycling.

It’s a great way to shed fat while still maintaining enough energy for your workouts.

Try dropping down to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight for non-gym days and going up to 2 grams per pound on days where you lift.

If you are planning on having a cheat day that will result in a lot of carbs being consumed , try scheduling it for a lifting day so you have extra energy to bang out all your reps.

You can also cycle multiple consecutive days of low carbs followed by one day of very high carbs. Try out a few different methods and see what works best for you.

4. Eat good fats

There is tons of research out there supporting the fact that healthy fats can help support your weight-loss goals.

In addition to providing energy, they also help regulate growth and testosterone hormones. Depending on the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming you should keep your consumption of healthy fats at around 20-30% of total calories.

5. Eat the right types of carbs

Just like fats, not all carbs are created equally. Processed carbs found in foods like pasta, cereals and snack foods should be avoided as they increase your blood-sugar levels and make your body more inclined to store fat.

Go for 1-2 grams of high-quality complex carbs per pound of bodyweight each day and adjust depending on changes in weight and energy levels. These should come from sources like oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice and quinoa.

6. Consume a lot of protein

Make sure you are getting at least 1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight. Over time you might need to increase this depending on your goals. Protein helps make you full so you won’t need to eat as much while dieting. At

the same time it will help reduce the amount of muscle loss that will occur during your cut. If you are having trouble hitting your protein target try incorporating a whey protein shake or two into your diet.

7. Use the right fat burning ingredients

Did you know that some fat burning ingredients will help you shed off that extra body fat while you can still maintain your hard earned muscle?

To truly accelerate your fat loss, we recommend incorporating a high-quality all-natural fat burner into your diet.

These products are specifically designed to shed the pounds without losing any muscle mass.

These ingredients will help your body to maximize it’s natural ability to burn off fat.

They will also:

  • Increase your metabolic rate so you will burn more calories throughout the day
  • Make you look more ripped, by eliminated water retention.
  • Give you a much needed energy boost while dieting
  • Suppress appetite so you won’t be craving for cheat meals as much

That’s why it’s perfect to include a fat burning supplement into your cut and still maintain your hard earned muscles.

Just make sure they contain these scientifically proven ingredients (see them here), otherwise you risk buying a product that is ineffective and underdosed


Our complete guide on fat burning supplements and ingredients is now available for 100% free and we made it to help guys recognize which ingredients actually work. See our guide by clicking here.

8. Stay focused and disciplined

It takes a long time to build a quality physique and it won’t be a straight, easy road. There will be many weeks where you struggle to drop even half a pound but don’t be discouraged! Keep working on yourself and accept that further changes to your plan may be needed down the road. Remember – if it were easy everyone would have already have a shredded physique!

So there you have it, incorporate all of these tactics into your routine and I promise you that you will shed fat without losing muscle.

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