How to Properly Do a Bicep Curl to Get Massive Pythons

How to Properly Do a Bicep Curl to Get Massive Pythons

Biceps, one of the smaller muscle groups in the body, yet usually the most focused on. Most guys want to max out their biceps so that they have massive pythons when walking down the beach, shirtless.

The most basic and common movement to work the biceps is the bicep curl.

However without realizing it are most guys not doing it 100% correctly. Make sure you aren’t one of them. You can either watch the video below or read the guide below it.

The best dumbbell curl is the supinating dumbbell curl. What people don’t realize is that it’s very important and should be done in en every workout.

Proper form

Start by holding the dumbbells at your side with your grip facing inwards towards the body. Then, slowly curl up the weight and twist your forearm slightly until your palm is facing up to the ceiling. Finally, lower it back down the same path, returning your palms to their inwards position once you’re at the bottom of the path.

There is no best position – your can either be sat down or stood up, and you can pick if you do both arms at the same time or if you alternate them. This is completely up to the lifter. They look simple, but they actually do a lot of good for your biceps.


  • Keep your elbows and shoulders still. Don’t let them move as you curl up. A little movement is okay and normal, but make sure you’re staying in charge and they’re not moving too far forwards.
  • Don’t push your elbows out to the side. If you find it’s happening against your control, try reducing your weights a little until it’s comfortable again. They need to stay by your sides.
  • Keep your wrists in the neutral position, you want the focus to be on your forearms.
  • Keep a straight back; your body will move a little bit and it’s normal, but try and stay in control.
  • Shift your grip up a little towards the top of the handle rather in the middle. This makes your biceps work harder.

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