How to Lose the Last 8 Pounds Of Stubborn Fat

How to Lose the Last 8 Pounds Of Stubborn Fat

In this day and age of crash dieting and weight-loss TV shows where obese contestants shed over 100 pounds over the course of a season losing 8 pounds might not sound very impressive.

However, if you are already in good shape but want to shed those last few pounds to bring out those abs then losing those last few pounds is not an easy task. As your body loses fat it will hold on to whatever it has left more and more tightly.

Therefore once you get down to the last few pounds you really have to fight your body in order to get the last bit off.

Ironically it’s those last few pounds which makes the difference between a great physique and an average one.

Today we are going to give you some ideas on what you can do to get rid of those last few pounds without ripping your hair out in frustration!

Live a More Active Lifestyle

From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep there are literally endless opportunities to burn more fat.

For example instead of driving a car to work you can ride your bike. Instead of taking the elevator you can take the stairs (as long as you don’t work in a high-rise building that is).

Remember that your body was not designed to sit all day – you need to be active.

While the time you spend in the gym is helpful you also want to make sure you live an active lifestyle so that you are burning more calories around the clock.


Yes we know that you haven’t done one of these since highschool (and you are grateful that’s the case) but two-a-days are a great way to bust through your fat-loss plateau.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you do cardio twice, or weight training once and cardio once. You can also do strength training twice per day! That’s not to say you should do this forever – it puts a lot of stress on your system.

However that extra work will fire up your metabolism and encourage your body to shed those last few pounds.

Fat Burning Supplements That *Actually* Work

Don't get fooled by the industry, only use high quality stuff
Don’t get fooled by the industry, only use high quality stuff

Even when you do everything right, losing those last few pounds can be tough. That’s where quality fat burners step in. Key word here being quality.

While fat burners have a bad reputation for false advertising and downright dangerous ingredients, using a high quality product can make a huge difference in your training.

You want to focus on a product that contains natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost metabolism and encourage the body to shed fat. These include Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper, Zinc and few more. – Read more about the NO-BULLSH*T fat burning ingredients here and how they can help you take your physique to the next level.

While it may be possible to get these from your diet you would pretty much need to hire a full-time chef or spend several hours a day preparing your meals to get them consistently.

Getting them from a supplement is much more time and cost effective. – You can see some of the few supplements that contain these in our fat burning guide here.


Congratulations on getting so close to your goal. You are only a few pounds away from the shredded six pack you’ve always wanted! Unfortunately it can feel like your body is playing a cruel joke on you by holding on to those last few pounds so closely.

By implementing the tips we’ve recommended above you should be able to break through that final plateau and get rid of that belly fat once and for all!

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