Mistake Most Guys Do When Trying To Only Lose Fat On Chest or Stomach

Mistake Most Guys Do When Trying To Only Lose Fat On Chest or Stomach

How many times have you been asked how to lose fat on a specific part of the body such as chest, stomach, neck, etc?

Without fail, people are looking to remove fat from a particularly area of their body when in reality they are just fat everywhere.

The most common places people want to lose fat is their stomachs, arms, back, thighs, hips and chest.

To make matters worse if you are considered to be in good shape people will assume you know the secret to doing this and bother you incessantly about it.

That’s why we decided to write this article – to discuss the issue of spot fat reduction and determine once and for all if it is even possible.

Spot Fat Reduction vs. Overall Fat Loss

While some people just want to get lean and work towards losing fat everywhere, others have a particularly area of their body that bothers them that they wish to correct.

These people focus all of their workouts towards targeting this particularly area of their body.

For women this tends to be the thighs, stomach and arms.

For men, it is usually the chest or stomach.

However, depending on where you tend to carry fat it might be somewhere else such as the back or neck.

This might seem like an effective strategy to correct stubborn areas but in reality it just doesn’t work.

Mistake Most Guys Do When Trying To Only Lose Fat On Stomach

Reconsider Your Rationale

So let’s say you’ve been doing tons of crunches but aren’t seeing any improvement on the midsection.

You assume that because you want to lose fat in that area it makes sense to do exercises that target that muscle group.

For stomach fat that means leg raises and crunches. If it’s chest fat you are trying to burn you will do lots of benching and dips.

For thighs lots of squats and lunges.

For arms tricep extensions and dumbbell curls.

Finally, for back rows and lat pull-downs.

To put it more simply, when trying to spot reduce fat on the body most people will just perform the most popular exercise for that area of the body repeatedly.

That means many sets for high reps (think 20+) because they think that is the best way to “get toned”.

So do you know someone who does this?

Don’t worry, we all do.

Please direct them to the next paragraph where we breakdown why spot reduction is not possible.

Spot Reduction is ALMOST Impossible

Spot reduction means losing body fat on a specific area of the body.

As mentioned, people assume that by doing tons of crunches they can lost their stomach fat.

As it turns out trying to spot reduce body fat is actually a complete waste of time and does not work at all.

Here’s why:

Your body can only lose body fat over the entire body as a whole.

Whether you lose that fat from the chest, stomach or back first is really up to your individual genetics

As we know, genetics are not something we can change so you are stuck with what you get.

If your genetics predispose you to losing fat on the stomach last no amount of crunches will change that – you will still carry that stomach fat for longer.

However there is now a supplement available that targets the kind of fat cells that lay around the chest and stomach area.

Certain substances can signal your body to burn off fat in a specific chest and stomach area.

Here’s the deal:

This will however only work if you are eating on a calorie deficit and losing weight.

The supplement we are talking about is called Gynectrol by crazybulk and is a very powerful fat burning formula designed to destroy fat cells that lay around the chest area.

If you have man boobs and are already dieting to get rid of it, Gynectrol will help you to speed that process up and directly reduce the size of your man boobs.

The reason we are mentioning this supplement is that is one of the very few supplements that actually for this.

Countless of guys have used it successfully to reduce the size of their man boobs (including myself)

A success story they featured on their official website. A user who had nasty man boobs got completely rid of them.

You can get more info on their success stories on Gynectrol official website.

Gynectrol Pros:

  • Promotes fat loss
  • Reduces male breast size
  • Increased confidence
  • Ripped chest muscles
  • Increased fat burning potential
  • Lowers body fat
  • Gets completely rid of gyno
  • Buy 2 get 1 for free deal
  • Free worldwide shipping

Gynectrol Cons:

  • Premium priced product
  • Takes 30 days to start see results
  • Only available on their official websitehow to get rid of man boobs

Most guys need a 2 month supply of Gynectrol to completely get rid of their man boobs.

If you want to be completely safe you can get their buy 2 get 1 for free deal.

This gives you a 90 day supply for only the price of 60 days.

Learn more:

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Why Don’t the Exercises Work?

When you train chest, back or arm exercises what you are actually doing is training the muscle UNDERNEATH the fat, not the fat itself.

You can’t turn fat into muscle, all you can do is burn it off.

Therefore, doing tons of weight training in order to get rid of man boobs will actually make them worse – the larger chest muscles will push them out making them more prominent!

This is kind of cruel in a way – they are spending all that time on something that not only doesn’t help them but might actually make them worse!

It’s easy to see why people fall into this trap with all the bad information floating around out there.

The idea that doing certain exercises or training with lower weights for higher reps will make your body look a certain way is false.

The fact is it’s just impossible to lose fat on a particularly area – stop trying to make it happen!

Mistake Most Guys Do When Trying To Only Lose Fat On Stomach

Don’t Believe Us?

There are tons of studies out there that show the impact (or lack thereof) from doing ab exercises to target fat loss.

The results are that trying to spot reduce fat is unproductive. Look at tennis players for example – they use one arm far more than the other every day yet the actual amount of fat on each arm is identical.

Based on the idea that exercise can spot-reduce fat then surely the dominant arm would be shredded by comparison, right?

If that’s not enough to convince you then try this.

Do hundreds of crunches every day without making any changes to your diet or lifestyle and watch as you make no progress.

Your abs might get stronger but the fat will still be there and if anything it will look worse as it will be pushed out by the larger abdominal muscles.

Here’s How You Lose those Man Boobs or Stomach Fat

So now that we’ve explained spot fat reduction doesn’t work you are probably wondering what the hell you should do in order to lose fat.

Simple – stop trying to lose fat on a particularly area and instead focus on losing fat everywhere. That’s the only way you are going to have any success at this.

While you might not lose the fat from your chest or stomach first eventually it will come off.

Remember that genetics determine which fat areas get burned first and there is no way around this.

It can be frustrating to lose fat on certain body parts while your gut or man boobs are still there but over time they will be burned away.

As for your diet itself, make sure you consume a calorie deficit aiming to lose about 1 pound per week.

Lift heavy at the gym with compound exercises as this will help you retain muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose fat you should be training in the hypertrophy range of 6-12 reps.

Finally, in order to make sure your metabolism is running at it’s highest level and your progress remains steady you should take a high quality fat burner.


Alright so we understand that this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for.

It sucks to look in the mirror every morning and be depressed by that one part of your body that is carrying a lot of fat and looks bad.

The good news is that you definitely can still lose that unsightly fat – you just might need to be a bit more patient.

Spot fat reduction is impossible, it’s as simple as that.

Any time someone tries to get you on some bizarre training program designed to target man boobs just ignore them and go back to focusing on your own routine.

As long as you maintain a calorie deficit, lift heavy in the hypertrophy range (6-12 reps) with compound exercises (bench press, squat, deadlift, etc) and get plenty of sleep your body will reward you with a leaner, more chiselled physique.

Look guys, there is a reason not many people have shredded physiques – it’s not easy.

If building six pack abs were as simple as doing 100 crunches per day we would all have them but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Take your time and do this right – every time you try one of these alternative training programs you are only increasing the amount of time it will take you to achieve your goal physique.

While it might take months for you to cut down enough to see your abs it’s better than spending a lifetime being unaesthetic like most people do.

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