How To Look Ripped on The Beach When You are actually fat

How To Look Ripped on The Beach When You are actually fat

The summer is basically here and people in many countries are already hitting the beach.

Many lifters are still in their bulking phase or had an unsuccessful cut, or maybe just didn’t bother to get ripped at all for the summer.

However, we all want the great feeling of being ripped on the beach even though we are not.

If you are still carrying an extra layer of fat that covers your abs, don’t worry in this article we will provide you with tips that help you to look ripped even though you may still be fat.

Fake Muscle Suit

Buying a well-designed muscle suit can take you from fat to ripped in a matter of seconds.

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Many muscle suits on the market today are well made and look extremely real.

If you want to look ripped on the beach when you are fat you can purchase a muscle suit to look ripped and shredded.

However, you need to make sure you buy a realistic muscle suit, otherwise, people may notice that the muscle suit isn’t real.

Wear a baggy gym tank top to the beach

Usually one of the most shredded parts of a man’s physique is the arms and calves. Wearing a baggy tank top that hides your gut but reveals you’re shredded arms will leave people wondering if you really are ripped.

By doing this you create the illusion that the rest of your body is as shredded as your arms, make sure that the gym tank top is black to hide your gut even better.

It’s also nice if the tank top has some slang on it such as “beast mode” or “lifting heavy weights” that way people will assume you are a ripped lifter.

Have a gallon water jug

Having a gallon supplement shaker will put the attention away from your overweight physique and onto your huge supplement drink.

Of course, this tip will only compliment the other tips we have been talking about and will of course not make you look ripped.

It will however take the attention away from your gut and people will assume you are ripped under your baggy tank top because you have a supplement shaker.

Show up with your ripped friends but wear a baggy tank top

If you see a group of guys all ripped and one of them is wearing a tank top, people will assume that guy is also ripped.

Birds of a feather flock together, even though you may be the only fatso in your group, people will assume that you are ripped under your baggy shirt.

Obviously, you will need to have a group of ripped friends to do this.

Don’t screw up your cut and just get ripped for real

This is probably the best choice for you, if you want to be ripped on the beach just put the work in.

It’s not too late to start now and get in decent shape for the end of the summer.

Of course, you can use the tips and tricks mentioned in this post before you actually get ripped, but one of the best feelings as a lifter is revealing your hard-earned shredded physique on the beach with all the girl’s mirin.

Author : Charlie Green

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