How To Get Bigger and Better Calves at Home

How To Grow Massive Calves From Your Home

The calves are one of the hardest muscle groups to develop – fortunately there are a variety of exercises you can do at home to help develop them. First, for some basic anatomy. The calf is made up of two muscles: the gastrocnemius muscle, which gives the calf its round shape and the soleus, which is the muscle that runs underneath the gastrocnemius and runs further down the leg, giving the calf its longer shape. With this in mind, check out some of the exercises below that you can use to strengthen both muscles. These can be performed outside of the gym at your convenience.get bigger and better calves at home

How to get bigger and better calves at home

Seated Calf Raise

This exercise works both parts of the calf. Sit on a chair and place your feet on the floor. Keep your knees and legs at a ninety degree angle and straight above the feet – do not lean them in either direction. Place a weight on the top of your legs and lift your heels off the ground, pressing into the balls of the feet. Hold the exercise for a second at the top and return down slowly to get the full benefit of the negative portion of the exercise. Most gyms have calf raise machines that will allow you to load on much more weight.

Single or double-leg calf raises

The most commonly employed and well-known calf exercises out there. To perform these, simply stand near a wall with your feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart. Your hips, knees and ankles should all be perfectly aligned. When you are ready, lift your heels off the ground and raise your body upward without moving forward or backward.

This exercise can also be performed on the edge of a stair to increase the range of motion, or with some weights in your hand to increase the resistance. Additionally, these exercises can also be performed on a single leg to increase the difficulty. However, when performing on a single leg it is important to make sure you are very comfortable with the exercise form as it is very easy to slip out of alignment on this one and put strain on your knees.

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