How to Get Stronger Triceps and Increase Your Bench Press

How to Get Stronger Triceps and Increase Your Bench Press

So you want to get stronger triceps and increase your bench press?

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises out there for a number of reasons.

First, it works everyone’s favorite muscles – chest, shoulder and arms. Second, they will make you look good in short-sleeve shirts. Finally, the bench press is a popular lift people like to compare each other with. “How much do you bench?” is almost synonymous with “Do you even lift?”.

It’s very common to hit plateaus when increasing your bench so today we’ve put together a list of exercises you can perform to address whatever your specific sticking points are.

Make sure to perform these exercises if your goal is to increase your bench press.

How to Get Stronger Triceps and Increase Your Bench Press

Increase Your Bench Press


1 – Close Grip Bench Press

This exercise has definitely declined in popularity in recent years – in fact it’s pretty rare we see someone doing it at the gym.

To perform a close grip bench press you want to set up the same way you would when you perform bench press however you will want to keep your hands closer together – slightly less than shoulder-width apart.

When performing the lift you will want to make sure you keep your elbows in (close to your body) so that you keep the stress on your triceps.

If you point your elbows out you will transfer some of the workload to the shoulders and chest which defeats the purpose of this exercise.

You will see that by performing this exercise with the elbows in you will have a long range of motion. This exercise, in addition to strengthening and growing the triceps will make you stronger during the initial portion of the bench press.

Increase Your Bench Press

2 – Floor Press

To perform this exercise set the bar up in a squat rack just a few feet off the ground. Lie down underneath the bar like you are about to perform a bench press.

Unrack the weight and lower it down to your chest. Your arms will hit the floor before the bar hits your chest so you will essentially be performing a partial-rep bench press.

Make sure everything is controlled and you aren’t bouncing your elbows off the ground.

Given the shorter range of motion you will be able to press some heavier weights here. As you probably can figure out this will help you with the final portion of the bench press also known as the lockout phase.

Increase Your Bench Press

3 – Use Bands and Chains

Another way to modify the bench press is to do them with bands or chains attached. The great things about these is that they provide additional resistance the further you get into the exercise.

As a result the lockout phase will be more difficult which will help make your triceps stronger and better able to handle this portion of the lift. Also, benching a barbell with weights and chains hanging off of it looks pretty badass.

Increase Your Bench Press

4 – Board Bench Press

Yet another good exercise to work your triceps. To perform this exercise you place a couple of wooden boards on your chest and lower the bar like you normally would during a bench press.

The presence of the boards will limit how far you can go so once you hit the boards just press the weight back up. Like the floor press this exercise is a great way to improve the lockout portion of your lift.

Don’t miss out and Get the most out of your hard work

Everybody knows that the testosterone is the building blocks for strength and muscle gains, right?

To increase your bench press make sure you are getting enough of sleep, good nutrition which will make sure that your testosterone levels are high enough to support muscle growth.

Keep in mind that you need to eat enough of good foods so your body will get the energy it needs to get stronger and build muscle.

Another way of increasing the muscle building hormone testosterone is taking in supplements that are designed to increase the natural production of testosterone.

These products are not created equal so make sure you know what ingredients to look for so you don’t buy an outdated and ineffective formula.

We have actually made a complete guide on testosterone boosting supplements to know which ingredients are proven to boost the natural testosterone production.

Anyways have fun getting stronger and building muscle, because at the end of the day you have to enjoy what you are doing whatever it is you like to accomplish.

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