How to Get Rid of Stubborn Chest Fat

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Chest Fat

In order to truly maximize your physique it is important to make sure you have low levels of body fat.

Fat lies on top of your muscles, thereby reducing your definition and giving you a softer look. Everyone has a particular part of the body that carries a lot of stubborn fat. For many people that is their chest and as you know having a lot of chest fat can really hurt your overall physique.

This article will give a bit more clarity around losing chest fat including diet and training tips.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Chest Fat

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Chest Fat

Can I focus fat loss in one area?

The answer, in short, is no. Losing fat in just one part of the body, also known as “spot reduction” simply cannot be done.

When you are in a state of calorie deficit, your body will burn fat from the easiest places first, for some people this could be the legs, chest, abs or glutes.

The areas that your body burns from last are the stubborn areas and this will vary from person to person.

If the chest is the stubborn area for you, rest assured that eventually this fat will be burned, it will just take longer than the other areas.

All of those people you see in the gym doing 100s of crunches in an effort to lose stomach fat are wasting their time – they will not lose the stomach fat any faster this way.

Calorie Deficit

The only way to lose fat is to consume a calorie deficit. This means you will need to burn more calories than you are consuming.

As a result, your diet is the key in losing chest fat. Shoot for a 500 calorie deficit and a 1lb per week fat loss. If you are losing more than 1.5lbs there is a good chance you are also burning muscle.


Even if you are losing weight you don’t want to change your training too much.

You will want to continue to lift heavy so you minimize muscle loss during your diet.

This is particularly true with your chest muscles as having good muscle mass there will help counteract the fat stores you have there.

Cardio can also help create a calorie deficit but you will want to avoid doing too much of it otherwise it could lead to muscle loss, particularly if your new calorie deficit is too large.

Make sure you are following a proven training program. Too see the best training program for your body type take our 30 second survey here.

Stay Disciplined and be Patient

We all have areas of our bodies that carry fat more than others.

These stubborn areas can be frustrating but it is important not to deviate from a tried and tested method of losing fat just to try and speed up the process.

Simply maintain your calorie deficit burning 0.5-1.5lbs per week and watch as that stubborn chest fat slowly but surely peels away.

Take in fat burning ingredients

If you want to truly unlock your body’s potential to burn off as much fat as it possibly can you should consider taking in a fat burning supplement.

Just make sure you go with a product that contains scientifically proven ingredients, otherwise you might just be throwing your money away.

What these ingredients will allow you to do is:

Increase your metabolic rate, so you will burn more calories.

Eliminate water retention, so you will hold less water and look more shredded.

Give you a much needed energy boost during workouts.

Eliminate hunger cravings, you will have less appetite for those cookies and pizzas that make you fat.

We have actually made a free report on the best fat burning ingredients on the market. –See report here.

Make sure to do your research and check which ingredients actually work – (See them here) before supplementing with a fat burner.


There you have it – hopefully this article has given you some clarity on spot fat reduction. Just remember to maintain your calorie deficit, train hard and use a natural fat burner and you will see that stubborn chest fat melt away eventually.

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    Thank you, a lady commented that she want to work on “this” as she pointed to her triceps flab. I was nice about it, but basically said “Eat less, move more.” I’ve lost 26 pounds since mid-may and have my body fat down to about 11-12% but still have fat on my low back and chest. Not much, but some. It’s truly stubborn fat. But I know I need to just keep the weight off and my blood work right and the results will come. Good article.

    1. Avatar

      Hey Elmore,

      There’s no “ideal weight”. It depends on your goals, height, body fat percentage and more.

      What do YOU want to look like?

      Do you want to lose weight?

      Build muscle and strength?

      As an example for a male that is 6 feet in height “Ideal natural body” could, for example, be 190 lbs and 9% body-fat.

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