How To Gain Mass In Your Biceps In 2 Weeks

How To Gain Mass In Your Biceps In 2 Weeks

Having pronounced and perfectly sculpted muscles in your arms and biceps is arguably one of a fitness buff’s greatest accomplishments.

All weight lifting takes time before results are seen and it takes the most dedicated of fitness seekers to train smartly and get these results.

When you hit the gym a few times a week, ensure your body is getting the right amount of protein, vitamins and other nutrients but you still aren’t seeing the fruits of your labor, something might be off.

Weight lifting alone won’t help you to gain mass in your biceps, but rather the perfect potion of weights, protein/nutrient balance and overall nutrition.

How To Gain Mass In Your Biceps

Progress in yourself

If you have only been weight lifting or focusing on gaining mass in your biceps for a few months, think about your progress since you began however many weeks ago.

Can you feel yourself getting stronger?

Are you able to curl or lift more weight now versus originally?

If the answer to either of these is yes, then you are heading in the right direction.

Unfortunately strength doesn’t equate to gaining muscle mass.

Strength is easy and comes in bursts or sprints where mass is in it for the long haul similar to a marathon.

If you aren’t placing your muscles under enough tension for enough time, your bicep mass won’t increase noticeably.

Keep the form good

You’ve probably seen many guys at your gym try to lift as heavy as they can in bicep exercises.

As a result they often time don’t even stimulate the bicep and are mostly using their deltoids.

They use a swinging motion and are simply ego lifting.

If you are one of those guys please listen up.

Your bicep doesn’t care how much weight you are lifting, the biceps only respond to stimulation.

So if you aren’t simulating your biceps the right way, they won’t grow and nobody cares if you can lift 50kg in bicep curls.

Try to decrease the weight by 50% and focus on stimulating your biceps, so you are only using your biceps to lift the weight.

This one simple tip can take your biceps to a whole another level.

Hit it often

Biceps are one of those muscle the more often you hit it the more it grows.

If you are truly serious about adding mass to your biceps try hitting them 3 times per week.

You can for example always hit it after your leg workout.

Try different rep ranges and exercises.

You can also experiment with drop sets and super sets.

This will be a whole new stimulus to your biceps and they have no other choice but to grow.

I like to aim for at least 3 bicep exercises when I am training them.

Testosterone’s role in gaining mass

Did you know that testosterone plays the biggest role in muscle building?

Those with high levels of testosterone can build fuller and bigger muscles in a shorter period of time.

So obviously we want to keep our testosterone production as high as possible.

If you are truly serious about gaining mass you can’t ignore testosterone.

Because if you have low levels of testosterone you will not be able to build big muscles.

Testosterone is the hormone which determines how much mass you can really gain.

So increasing testosterone is without a doubt one of the smartest thing you can do as a lifter.

One of the most effective way to get higher testosterone production safely is using an all natural testosterone booster.

They are designed to supercharge your natural testosterone production.

The Results?

You will build more muscle in a shorter period of time.

Check out our guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market here.

Small changes for big (bicep!) mass gains

Stop simply going to the gym and lifting more weights or trying different exercises mindlessly in hopes that something will magically change.

Always focus on working smarter over working harder.

If you are unsure of your supplement and vitamin routine, check with a fitness professional in your area to see if you are supplying your body with everything it needs to craft bigger gains.

Keep a high priority on your bicep weight lifting routine and work to incorporate more tension during the workout.

Vary your workout by decreasing the weights you’re lifting and shortening the rest time between reps.

It will be tough at first to vary your current routine, but tension lifting paired with enough testosterone will reward you with large bicep mass gains!

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