How To Double Your Muscle Growth In The Next 30 Days

How To Double Your Muscle Growth In The Next 30 Days

So you want to double your muscle growth in the next 30 days? Maybe you have a vacation coming up or you want to put on a few more pounds of muscle before you start cutting. Perhaps you have hit a plateau with your training and want to try something different.

Either way. check out our 10 tips below on how you can double your muscle growth in the next 30 days.

How to Double your Muscle Growth in the Next 30 Days

1 – Increase the Volume and Take Shorter Rests

If you have been doing lower volume sets with long rests you just might find this gives your body the kickstart it needs to get growing. You’ll be working your body a lot harder the decrease rest times will boost the time spent under tension.

Remember, your body tends to adapt to the stress it gets used to, so if you are doing the same number of sets and reps along with the same rest times you will get diminishing returns over time. Switching things up to higher volume will shock the muscles in your body – since they are not used to this kind of training they will be forced to grow faster in order to adapt.

It’s worth noting that you should not be doing this type of training every time you go to the gym for two reasons. First, just as your body can get used to low-volume training it can get used to high-volume as well. As a result, your body will simply get used to high-volume and the growth will slow down.

Additionally, high-volume can be very taxing on your body and takes longer to recover from. If you are doing this several times a week your body might start to suffer as it probably won’t be getting enough recovery time. Therefore make sure you switch it up from time to time.

2- Slow Down your Reps

A lot of people seem to be in a race to get through their workout as fast as possible when they get to the gym.

They fly through their 12 reps and sometimes I wonder if they even got a workout. Remember that your muscles need to spend time under tension in order to get the necessary stress for growth.

If you are performing the reps too quickly, particularly the negative portion, you simply won’t give your muscles enough stimulation. Instead, try lowering the weight a bit and performing the reps slowly.

Often we go through reps too quickly because the weight is heavy and we aren’t strong enough to support it for an extended rep. However, with a lower weight you should find this a bit easier to do. So once you’ve picked up a lower weight perform the rep slowly and focus on working the muscle.

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Stick to a steady, slow tempo for both the positive and negative portion.

Double Your Muscle Growth

3 – Finish Him!

No we aren’t talking about Mortal Kombat here.

We’re talking about adding a finishing move to the end of your workout to completely exhaust the muscle. You see, this is the best time to add in a high-volume exercise since the muscle is already weak and more susceptible to isolation movements.

Supersets or Dropsets are great ways to exhaust your body and empty out whatever energy is left in the tank. It will also encourage your muscles to grow since it’s not the typical 3 sets of 12 reps that they are used to.

In case you are not familiar with dropsets here’s what to do: pick a weight that you can perform about 10-15 reps until failure. Once you are unable to perform another rep drop the weight and pick up a lighter one and continue.

Keep doing this until you are completely fatigued and are unable to lift up even the lightest weights. This has an added benefit of boosting your metabolism through the roof as your body struggles to repair the muscles and restore your energy levels.

4 – Eat the Right Foods Pre and Post Workout

You’ve probably heard the expression “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Well, it’s true. In fact we’ll go farther and say your physique is made in the kitchen.

Simply put, if your diet sucks you won’t get far with your training. You want to pay particular attention to what you are eating before and after your workout.

Consume lean protein, high quality carbs and a bit of fat before hitting the gym. This will make sure you have the necessary energy to get through those tough workouts. Also, make sure you eat some fast-absorbing carbs after you leave the gym to make sure your muscles can get the nutrients they need as fast as possible.

Don’t let all that hard work you are putting in at the gym go to waste – eat the right foods!

5 – Try Carb Cycling

Remember when we said what you eat will determine how successful you are at this?

We’d like to introduce you to a technique that will help make the most of the nutrients you consume. Carbohydrates are particularly helpful for your body on training days but less so on off-days. As a result, you should try carb cycling.

That means eating more carbs on training days and less on the other days of the week. This concept has been gaining a lot of popularity as more studies show it leads to increased muscle growth without additional fat.

Make sure you are still hitting your daily calorie intake goals each day – just change up the composition. You’ll want your off days to contain about 50% less carbs than your training days. Remember that you are trying to build muscle here and not lose fat.

Restricting carbs is effective when dieting down but not at all when it comes to building mass.

Double Your Muscle Growth

6 – Get Plenty of Sleep

It always amazes us how many people totally derail their progress right here.

Theoretically it should be the easiest as sleeping isn’t exactly hard to do. Nevertheless people often try and get away with 4-6 hours of sleep per night and pay the price. You see, when sleeping your body is in it’s optimal recovery state.

It’s rebuilding muscles and releasing growth hormone. Additionally, not getting enough sleep can have all kinds of negative effects on your overall health (which we won’t get into here). You simply need to find a way to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

7 – Supplement Effectively

While getting all the nutrients from your diet is ideal it’s simply impossible for most people. If you are deficient in key nutrients it will have a negative impact on your muscle growth as well as your overall health.

Therefore make it a priority to consume supplements that fill up any void left by your diet. These can include whey protein, BCAAs, casein protein, multivitamin and fish oil.

8 – Avoid Marathon Cardio Sessions

While a bit of cardio is good for your heart and overall health this isn’t the time to be training for a marathon. Remember that extended cardio sessions can cause your body to go catabolic – meaning you will break down muscle tissue in order to provide your body with energy.

Additionally, it can impact your body’s ability to recover from strenuous workouts. Therefore keep your cardio sessions short and preferably separate from your bodybuilding sessions.

Double Your Muscle Growth

9 – Keep Reps in the Hypertrophy Range

When looking at how many reps you should be doing, try and stick to the 10-12 rep range. Numerous studies have shown this is ideal for muscle growth – provided you are doing everything else correct.

That means performing the reps slowly with focus on contracting the targeted muscle groups. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many reps you are doing if you aren’t targeting the muscle properly. Once you find that you are able to perform 3 sets of 12 reps try increasing the weight.

You are going to want to make sure you are progressively overloading the muscles over time otherwise you simply won’t grow. Remember your body adapts to the stress it sees every day, so if you are lifting 185 pounds on bench for an entire year you won’t grow.

10 – Check your Testosterone Levels

Things like poor nutrition and not getting enough sleep actually have a big impact on your testosterone levels. Given that your muscle growth and t-levels are so closely correlated you can see why it’s important to monitor them.

Also, if you have other factors in your life that are lowering them, it can often compound the negative impact on your body. Testosterone helps the body build muscle and keep body fat low by boosting metabolism. Therefore it’s important that you monitor your levels.

If you find that yours are low, or you simply aren’t getting the kind of progress you want in the gym try using a supplement that boosts testosterone levels naturally rather than injecting dangerous steroids into your body.

Some of these products however are a complete waste of money with cheap and ineffective ingredients. You should be able to recognise the right ingredients before supplementing with a product like that because like I said before, if they do not contain the proven ingredients you are not going to see significant results.

The most important ingredients are D-Aspartic acid, oyster extract, vitamin d and some others.

Make sure you use a testosterone boosting supplement with proven ingredients. – See which ingredients ACTUALLY work here.

The better products obviously cost more but if it makes the difference between building muscle mass and stagnating we’d say it’s a small price to pay.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 18.01.47

Most Important To Remember:

By using these methods we talked about in this article you should be able to double your muscle growth if you are not already using them.

Remember to train hard, eat well, rest well, enjoy the process and have fun with it. Sooner or later you will reach your ideal dream physique you never thought possible training as a natural athlete with out dangerous steroids and drugs involved.

The human body is capable of much more than we think and by implementing these strategies and most importantly making sure that your testosterone levels are as high as possible which you will reach by training hard, sleeping, living an active lifestyle and taking in the right supplements by following these tips anything is possible!

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