DJ Muscleboy Shows You How To Do A Standing 69 - ONLY For Bodybuilders

DJ Muscleboy Shows You How To Do A Standing 69 – ONLY For Bodybuilders

No More boring positions – Be the first to do this with your girl

This was originally published in Icelandic in one of Egill Gillz Einarsson’s (aka DJ Muscleboy) books on how to become the alpha male.

DJ Muscleboy

Everyone can do a basic lying 69. There´s absolutely NOTHING impressive about that. One of the benefits of being a bodybuilder is that you can do a standing 69 without breaking a sweat. Women are getting bored with the basic routine; doggy, cowgirl, pile-driver, jellyfish, frog leap, it´s officially boring. However, when the word spreads out in your town that you are the guy who can do a standing 69, you are officially THE SHIT.

To do a standing 69 without committing your first murder, you must be able to squat twice the bodyweight of the woman/man you´re holding in a deep voluptuous squat. If you´re going to perform a standing 69 with a 130 pound partner, you must squat 260 pounds. And I’m talking about balls to the floor squats, not the typical soccer squats where your ass barely moves.

If you´re performing a standing 69 with a 160 pound woman and your max in the squats is 160 pounds, you will not be able to concentrate on the oral pleasure cause you’ll be worried that you will drop the princess. For the royal experience it is best if your max squat is 3-4 times more than the weight of the partner.

There are 3 techniques you can use to get into the standing 69 position. This is the part where the amateur always takes a shit so read carefully.

Technique Nr. 1

You start the position in a seated 69. You should of course know how to do a seated 69. It´s almost as easy as the lying one. You sit at the end of the bed with your feet on the floor and the woman is doing a handstand with her crotch in your face. You wrap your guns firmly around her and stand up in a smooth motion.


Technique Nr. 2

This technique is slightly more advanced than the first one. Your partner does a handstand and you must be on your toes and grab her legs when they are in front of you. You then do a beautiful squat, wrap your bicep firmly around her waist and stand up. Your partner must also provide an invaluable assist by placing her arms around you.


Technique Nr.3

If you don´t deadlift don´t try this technique. This is the most difficult one. You need extreme lower back strength. Muscleboy deadlifts 580 pounds and that’s why he makes this look ridiculously easy. Here your partner lies on the bed with her head hanging down. You smoothly drop down, put your arms under her lower back and stand up.


I also include a video so there is absolutely no misunderstanding. It´s extremely important that you do this right. If you´re a man and enjoy doing a standing 69 with another man, I also include in the clip where I do a standing 69 with a sexy famous Icelandic comedian Peter Jóhann. For you bodybuilder girls, this of course works for you also if you´re dating a guy and you´re stronger than him. Then you just stand upright and he is upside down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. Never do this position for more than 7-8 minutes. The blood rushes down to the head and my doctor told me that you should never exceed 8 minutes.

So all of my bodybuilder brothers from around the world, try this over the weekend and let me know how you did! Go hard or go home!

Author: Egill “Gillz” Einarsson, aka DJ Muscleboy, is an expert on how to become the alpha male. He’s also a best-selling author, actor, comedian and the world’s most muscular DJ. His books, that help you become the alpha male, are the most sold books in Iceland.

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