2 Steps to Develop a Perfect-Looking Balanced Chest & Destroy Man Boobs

2 Steps to Develop a Perfect-Looking Balanced Chest & Destroy Man Boobs

We all want a juicy looking chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger had in his hay days. In order to develop a perfect looking balanced chest it is not enough to just go in the bench press and push some weights.

You will need to do the right exercises that stimulate the different parts on the chest.

By reading this article you will gain a better understanding on how you can build up a perfect looking and balanced chest.

How to Develop a Perfect-Looking Balanced Chest

How to Develop a Perfect-Looking Balanced Chest & Destroy Man Boobs

1.Get rid of man boobs


If you have man boobs or chest fat you will never get that kind of hard and aesthetic chest that is so desirable.

No matter how much you train your chest or how big it is it will not look good when it’s covered in fat.

To get rid of man boobs one of the best ways is to diet and eat in a calorie deficit.

This means skipping the pizza, candy and cakes for a few weeks.


Use a supplement that directly targets that type of fat cells that lay around your chest area.

In recent years premium supplement companies have been able to create supplements that reduce the size of man boobs by destroying the kind of fat cells that accumulate in your chest area.

Your safest bet is the supplement Gynectrol.

It is formulated with powerful ingredients that help you to get rid of unwanted chest fat.

The results from using Gynectrol.

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Gynectrol Pros:

  • Promotes fat loss
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  • Increased confidence
  • Ripped chest muscles
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  • Lowers body fat
  • Gets completely rid of gyno
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Gynectrol Cons:

  • Premium priced product
  • Takes 30 days to start see results
  • Only available on their official websitehow to get rid of man boobs

Most guys need a 2 month supply of Gynectrol to completely get rid of their man boobs.

If you want to be completely safe you can get their buy 2 get 1 for free deal.

This gives you a 90 day supply for only the price of 60 days.

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2. Train the right way for aesthetic pecs

A lot of guys think that in order to build a well-balanced chest they need to do tons of different exercises – well, that’s not the case.

In fact, getting a chest like Arnold isn’t about doing a bunch of bench-pressing either – even though Arnold loved that exercise. What most guys don’t realise is that there are actually two different muscles – the upper and lower pecs.

In order to build a great chest you need to have a balance of both upper and lower pec development. Just like working out your biceps without hitting triceps will lead to odd-looking arms, developing one part of the chest and not the other will not look aesthetic at all.

Obviously we don’t want the chest to develop in a round way – that makes it look more like man boobs which is what we are trying to avoid when spending so much time in the gym.

While your genetics will play a role in how they ultimately look there are some ways you can influence the final product.

Next time you go to the gym, instead of starting with the flat bench press go with the incline press.

This will emphasize the upper chest which is likely lagging on your body.

Then move on to exercises like flat bench, decline bench and dips that target the lower chest. Once your upper chest catches up you will notice a drastic improvement – less man boobs, more Arnold.

How to Develop a Perfect-Looking Balanced Chest

Isolation exercises like dumbbell flyes and pec dec also have their place, but these should be at the end of the workout. Ultimately you want to put mass on your chest and bench pressing is the most effective way to do this.

Isolation exercises will help fill out the muscle and make it look more complete.

So there you have it guys, remember when training in the gym it’s not always the guy that trains the hardest that gets the best results it is the that trains the smartest that has the advantage.

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