How to Crush Your Diet

How to Crush Your Diet

Are you looking to get shredded in time for summer? Well if you are like most people you will probably go to the gym a few times, do a bunch of crunches and then give up shortly thereafter. You see, it takes a bit more effort and thought to get shredded unless of course you have god-gifted genetics. Fortunately, even those with average genetics can have a body that is in the top 1% of guys if they do the right things. Check out the article below for 7 crucial tips to crush your diet!

1 – Eat Healthy Fats

Just because they are called dietary fats doesn’t mean they will make you fat. Unfortunately that’s how many people thought up until recently. Low-fat diets were all the rage – high carb/high sugar foods were all over the store shelves and we collectively became even more fat as a result. People are only now starting to wake up to the fact that healthy fats are crucial to a balanced diet. First of all, they boost your testosterone levels making it easier to build muscle and lose fat. They also boost your metabolism, supply your body with much-needed nutrients and help you feel full. If you are currently consuming a low-fat diet and you aren’t happy with your physique this is the first thing you should look to fix.

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2 – Stop Trying to Time Every Meal Perfectly

You don’t need to consume exactly x amount of carbs at a certain time of the day. The truth is that nutrient timing is for the most part bogus. Focus on getting the nutrients you need throughout the day, not at specific times of the day. If that means consuming more carbs than usual in the evening, so be it. Your focus should always be on hitting your macros. The only meal you really need to worry about is your post-workout meal which should contain some fast-digesting protein such as whey.

3 – Don’t be Afraid of Carbs

Now that people have moved on from vilifying fats, carbs are taking a lot of heat. While eating tons of simple and sugary carbs will definitely wreck your physique, complex carbs should be part of your diet. They will help provide you with ample energy to get through your workouts, not to mention carbs are the building blocks of new muscle mass. Starts with 2 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight and adjust as necessary depending on the results. Always give yourself at least 4 weeks to see the result of a macro change.

4 – Have a Cheat Meal

As long as you are still following your daily macros feel free to indulge in the occasional cheat meal. This will help boost your metabolism, keep you from going crazy and can act as a reward for all of your hard work. Just because you have made the commitment to building a better physique doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your favorite foods from time to time. Having said that, don’t turn your cheat meal into a cheat day as that tends to lead to going way over your daily recommended calorie intake.

5 – Give Your Body Time

Stop trying to get six-pack abs in three weeks – it’s just not going to happen. The more you try to crash diet, the more likely is it your diet will end up crashing. People who cut calories too aggressively usually end up burning just as much muscle as fat. The diet leaves them with a skinny-fat physique which was not at all what they were looking for. Aim to lose 1 pound of fat per week. It might seem like a slow pace but you will be very happy with the result. You see, the key to losing fat isn’t to find the secret formula that works for you – it’s to be consistent day in and day out.

6 – Eat Whole Foods

No we aren’t telling you to do all your shopping at Whole Foods (unless you are rich) – we are telling you to avoid that pre-packaged garbage. Stick to high quality, whole foods that you prepare yourself. Those microwave dinners are loaded with preservatives and additives that will wreck your health. Whole foods might be more expensive, but when you see the results they have on your body you will realize they are well worth the cost. Chicken, fish, cottage cheese, eggs and oats are all bodybuilding staple foods that you should incorporate into your diet.

7 – Take the Right Supplements

When it comes to supplements, quality beats quantity. Don’t run out to your local supplement food store and let the sales associate sell you on a bunch of crap you don’t need. Instead, pick your supplements strategically.

We recommend taking a high quality fat burner to help with your diet. These supplements contain ingredients that help break through the common fat loss plateaus. They boost your metabolism, they give you more energy and help you feel full. If you are struggling with your diet fat burners can give you the boost you need to finally see consistent progress. If on the other hand you are already seeing good progress, taking a fat burner will help accelerate your results. If you are new to fat burners, or have had bad luck with low-quality products in the past, we’ve got you covered. Click here to check out our guide to fat burners along with our top product picks.


Look guys, simply put – most people totally fail at dieting. They try to lose fat too quickly, they eat crappy foods and they don’t use high quality fat burning supplements. Don’t fall into the same trap as every other guy – take the time to build yourself a solid diet plan and you will see the results. Some of the top male fitness models in the world were fat at some point – if they can build themselves a great body then so can you.

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