How To Build Muscle Mass and Stay Shredded Year Round

How To Build Muscle Mass and Stay Shredded

A long time ago this idea emerged that people needed to bulk-up with huge caloric surpluses and then diet down aggressively right before a contest in order to get lean.

Fortunately there is a lot of new research coming out that show that these types of drastic changes in calorie consumption are actually quite harmful to your overall health and muscle growth in the long-run.

How to Get Shredded the Right Way

Your body doesn’t like change – it’s always striving to stay the same. That’s unfortunate because most of us are unhappy with our physiques and want change.

Your body, however, just wants a balanced diet that provides the nutrients it requires to go about it’s day to day routine.

As a result, constantly changing your calorie intake, sleep, stress and meal timing can really annoy your body and slow down your muscle growth. That’s not to say you need to stick to the exact same routine every day. Obviously that can get really boring after some time.

What we’re saying is that you need to look at your bodybuilding goals as a long-term goal and build your day to day routine in such a way that maximizes your body’s ability to build the most muscle without putting on fat.

Look, we aren’t going to say that staying shredded is easy.

Maintaining a cut physique year-round actually requires a lot of dedication. However, in our opinion it’s a better option than binging year round and then trying to aggressively diet down before your vacation. This way you look good year-round and avoid the harmful effects of constant diet changes.

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Don’t you want to look good each and every day rather than for a one week beach vacation?

Not to mention your body will respond a lot more positively to this gradual training than it will to extreme dieting. The results you get will be sustainable and you won’t have to worry about losing your gains next time you go on an aggressive cut.

Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum.

While there are a lot of people who tend to eat way too much while on a bulk there there is an equally large group of people who are afraid to eat much. These people don’t give their bodies the nutrients they need to build muscle because they are afraid of gaining fat.

They limit the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat they consume which are key ingredients in putting on quality mass.

You want to make sure you are consuming a diet that is high in protein (1g per pound of bodyweight). Additionally you want to make sure you are getting a variety of protein sources in order to make sure you get all the essential amino acids.

This diet should be followed year-round so that the only thing that needs to be adjusted before your vacation is carbohydrate intake.

However during the rest of the year you will want to make sure you are giving yourself the carbs your body needs. This will make sure the glycogen levels are full and your muscles look pumped – not to mention you will have a lot more energy to get through your workouts.

On the flip side if you consume too many carbs the excess will be stored as body fat which will lie on top of your muscle.

Keep your testosterone levels as high as possible because more testosterone=more muscle and less fat.

That is the reason why so many pro bodybuilders in the game today use steroid injections to boost their testosterone. That is however not safe and can come with nasty side effects.

We would recommend boosting them up naturally, a great way to do that is by taking in a testosterone boosting supplement with the right ingredients. These supplements will also increase your libido and more benefits that come along with higher testosterone production. – You can see which ingredients actually work and which don’t in our in-depth guide here.

I know what you’re thinking. “Testosterone booster, really?”

And you’re thinking that for a good reason. Test boosters have gotten bad reputation over the years because some companies used ineffective fillers in their supplements and marketed them as “legal steroids”. When obviously they aren’t as effective as steroids.

However in recent years the game has changed.

Companies now have their hands on effective ingredients that actually work and can boost your testosterone levels safely and naturally.

Yet still to this day these products are not created equal so make sure it contains only the right ingredients.

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But at least for now you can read it for free here: Read our test boosting report here.


Have you spent the last few years constantly rotating between dreamer bulks and drastic cuts?

If so you probably have a hard time getting the type of look you want. Instead try making gradual changes to your calorie consumption and workout routine. Follow a solid program year-round with minor adjustments if you need to lose a few pounds here and there.

This will ensure that your metabolism stays high and your body doesn’t burn muscle for fuel. While this isn’t the most exciting way to train in the long-run it will provide you with the best gains and the most impressive physique.

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