The Most Simple Way To Build A Huge Back

The Most Simple Way To Build A Huge Back

So you want to know how to build a huge back?

May newer bodybuilders out there spend a lot of time in the gym trying to build their backs only to be unhappy with the lack of results.

Building a great back takes a long time even when you are doing everything right, so failure to incorporate the most efficient exercises into your routine will get you nowhere.

See the article below for some of our top recommendations on how to get the kind of back you want!

How to Build a Huge Back

How to Build a Huge Back


The deadlift is the king of all back exercises. If you aren’t doing it, you simply aren’t getting the kind of gains you should be.

Although it’s intimidating and takes a long time to master, it works and develops every back muscle you have.

Additionally, performing the exercise has been shown to cause your body to release large amounts of growth hormone and testosterone into your bloodstream.

This will not only boost your back gains, but also improve your muscle mass throughout the body!

Isolation exercises, like lat pulldowns, have their place but they are nowhere close to being a substitute for deadlifts which will take you from being skinny to having impressive size.

They are also the hardest exercise to perform, that’s why so few people actually do it.

Chin Ups and Pull Ups

We don’t know anyone who has a great back but doesn’t do these exercises.

They are one of the best strength and size builders out there and do not require expensive equipment to perform.

Once you can do over 10 of these, grab a dip belt and start adding on some plates – this is where your back will really get huge!

Most people out there who only do lat pulldowns can barely do a single pull-up and they wonder why they can’t get any muscle growth.

Start doing pull ups and watch as your back grows more in a couple months than it did from years of lat pulldowns.

If you can’t do a single pull up, try doing negative where you jump to the top and lower yourself down.

Alternatively, have someone help you up or use momentum.

Finally, partials are another way to help build up the strength necessary to get your first pull-up.

Dumbbell Back Rows

This exercise gets the blood flow going. We would recommend 12-15 reps 3-4 sets for a mind blowing pump.

Dumbbell back rows target the middle back as well as biceps and lats.

If you start your workout doing this exercise you will get a crazy good pump immediately.

This is one of the best exercise you can do for back and is very similar to the exercise barbell back rows which is also a great exercise to get a huge back.

The Most Simple Way To Build A Huge Back

Workout routine example to build a huge back:

  • Deadlifts: 6-8 reps  – 4 sets
  • Pull ups/chin ups : 4 sets till failure
  • Dumbbell Back Rows: 12-15 reps – 4 sets

If you include this workout into your routine and do it with intensity you should get a great pump and build a huge back

Some of you might say: “Only 3 exercises ? I usually do a lot more”

I promise you if you do these 3 exercises with intensity it will be more than enough to support muscle growth and get a strong back.

If these 3 exercises are not enough for you then most likely you aren’t training hard enough.

Build more muscle by doing this:

Are you that kind of guy who values his time spent in the gym and wants to get the best results possible?

If your answer to that question is Yes, then you should do everything in your power to raise your testosterone levels.

Now let me explain:

Testosterone is the male muscle building hormone

If you have higher testosterone levels your body will build more muscle faster.

If you’re seriously interested in building more muscle you should boost your testosterone levels.

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