How To Be An Alpha Bodybuilder And Get A Lot Of Girls

How To Be An Alpha Bodybuilder And Get A Lot Of Girls

Many bodybuilders in today’s society have not the slightest clue how to talk to girls, be charming and get them to sleep with them. Many questions flow through our inbox every day where guys ask us questions like ” I am muscular and I have a perfect body but girls don’t notice me what can I do?” Preparing to write this article I had to talk to many bodybuilders that have been successful with women and they gave us the best tips how you can be an alpha bodybuilder that gets a lot of girls.

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Be a muscular good looking god

Well this article is about how bodybuilders get girls, so obviously you have to be a good looking bodybuilder to make your appearance the best possible. Be well dressed, have a fresh haircut and have an awesome physique. These are the fundamental concepts to make the first impression the best.

Be humble

Even though you are a muscular beast with a perfect body you have to be humble and look at every individual the same way. Don’t put others down, we are all equals. When you think this way girls will notice that you are not a cocky douchebag with only muscles.

Approach girls and talk to them

Girls are likely to be intimidated by guys that look good and have a lot of muscles.  Many girls are just shy in general. But once you talk to them and they notice that you are a down to earth guy with many other qualities than just being a good looking bodybuilder, they are then more likely to take interest in you and want to proceed further with you. Girls will generally not talk to you first, even though you have the whole package, so you got to get out of your comfort zone and “open them” for a conversation.

Don’t depend only on your great physique

Many guys think that once they have achieved a physique to die for that girls will form lines to talk to them. But I am sorry to tell you that’s not the case, of course it’s a good plus to have a good physique but that’s not the deal breaker. Instead depend on your ability to hold an interesting conversation and let your great personality shine.

zyzz bodybuilder with girl

Be confident when she tries to shoot you down

Girls will put you through a test to find out if you are the real deal or not. They may say something like ” But bodybuilders have small dicks right?”. It’s your ability to answer that question smoothly without feeling offended or put down that will win her over. You should rather just laugh at the question and try to answer it in a funny way like, “Don’t let the anaconda hear that, he might get offended”

Don’t chase one girl

You think that this one girl is so special and you’d do anything to capture her attention. That’s a mistake, you should be good to women in general and then maybe later you can close the girl that you have a crush on once you have sharpened your pick-up skills.

Know your self worth

You must know deep inside that you are “the shit” every girl is lucky to get the chance to talk to you, not vice versa.  If you have this mindset locked in that you are the good looking, muscular bodybuilder that has everything going for himself, girls will notice that and do anything to be with you.

Book them 

It’s not enough to be a master in small talks and chit chats, you have to book them. You have to book them on a date or something similar so you can take a step further in developing some kind of a connection.

Enjoy yourself

The 7 bodybuilders we talked to in doing this article have combined slept with over 300 women in total. What all of them told us was to enjoy the process of getting rejected, don’t take this seriously, rejections are a part of the game. The most important thing is enjoying the process of becoming skilled in picking up chicks.

© Author: Charlie Green with the help of 7 anonymous bodybuilders. Article made for BroScience ©

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