Tips On How To Be An Alpha Male

Tips On How To Be An Alpha Male

how to be an alpha male

Being an alpha male isn’t just about becoming the biggest and strongest guy around. If it were than guys like that cheating crybaby Tom Brady wouldn’t be so successful nor would his teammates listen to him. (Yes, he makes more money than I ever will and he bangs supermodels, I get it. I still think he’s a grade A twat burger.)

It doesn’t matter how imposing you are to others or how successful you become, you aren’t an alpha if you don’t command respect wherever you go. Also, there is a big difference between commanding respect and demanding it. Kanye West is highly successful yet if you notice, he constantly demands to be respected and in doing so has become one of the most hated celebrities of the decade.

Now look at a guy like Will Smith. He’s highly respected by his peers and strangers alike and he didn’t have to whine, brag, or complain in order to become so. He doesn’t act like a cunt hole all the time so he automatically rises above Kanye as an alpha male.

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about. Phil Heath and Kai Greene are both alpha males in their sport. Phil should be top dog though because he has beaten Kai numerous times in the Olympia. Yet if you read any comments section it becomes quite apparent that Kai is generally more respected by the fans. Why? Because Phil acts like a real douche-oholic at any given time.

Being the biggest and most successful isn’t always enough to become the alpha dog. If you don’t have the respect from others you become a Kanye West type. Meaning you could be one of the best in your field, much better than your competition even, but in the court of public opinion you are just a real crotch poptart.

Here are some tips on not only becoming an alpha male, but gaining the respect that goes along with it.

Don’t wear douchey apparel.

There is nothing alpha about wearing a Tapout shirt. No, I don’t think you can kick anyone’s ass because you “train mma” like you keep telling every girl at the party. When your physique resembles that of a melting stick of butter leaking out of its overly tight wrapper, the last thing I’m going to think is that you are a tough guy. I don’t know why but these guys always try to pick fights with strangers too. Just because you wear some kind of mma branded clothing and have your oh so threatening barb wire tattoo on your petite bicep does not mean you are intimidating.

If you spent the money you put into buying your awful wardrobe into actual training, you might actually be more than just a shitty joke by hack comedians. This just doesn’t go for Tapout stuff either. It’s all about how you present yourself. If you act and dress like an overly aggressive cock head nobody is going to respect you. The first thing people see is your appearance. So try not to look like the kind of guy who picks fights with women and children over line position at Walmart.

Learn how to fight.

Speaking of fighting, you should really learn how to fight if you want to be the alpha male when you go out. I’m not saying you should go out and put some douchey neck beard into the torture rack for no reason, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either, assuming he deserves it that is. Like, if he’s going on and on about you not drinking the right kind of beer because you prefer more malt than hops, feel free to Tazplex him through the bar.

Anyway what I’m getting at is that a man needs to be confident in his ability to defend himself. Take boxing or mma classes. Maybe watch some YouTube self defense videos or something. You need to have some idea of what you are doing if the need arises. Throwing wild haymakers and hoping for the best just doesn’t cut it. You also don’t want to be that loser that shoves and talks shit but secretly hopes his size scares off the other guy since he can’t actually fight. It doesn’t matter how big you are if you find yourself being teabagged in public by a Dave Franco lookalike after he just KO’D you in front of everyone at the DMV. You shouldn’t of cut in front of him in line anyway.

Don’t act like a douchebag.

In order to be respected by others you must also be respectful towards others. As every middle school gym teacher who has ever been pelted by several types of athletic equipment that was heaved at them by juvenile delinquents has stated, treat others as you would like to be treated.

If you walk around acting like you are better than everyone just because you lift weights guess what, you’re an asshole. You aren’t any better than the guy in the muscle car who tries to race old ladies at red lights and calls any guy who doesn’t drive an automobile with a manual transmission a fag. You can have the physique of a god but people will judge you by your attitude and assume you have a tiny penis.

Lift some damn weights.

tips on how to be an alpha male

You don’t need to be so big that you look like you could sexually satisfy an African elephant, but you should at least look like you lift. If people feel the need to ask in all seriousness if you even lift, you probably aren’t alpha. Unless you are Chuck Norris or something. The ability to efficiently smash faces really does make you much more alpha than someone who simply lifts weights. Just remember though, the Daredevil isn’t beating up the Hulk, no matter how many kicks and punches he throws. Try to combine fight training and weightlifting for ultra alpha gains. PRO-TIP: Wrestle wild animals such as grizzly bears for max alpha-ness!

Don’t brag.

This goes along the lines of not being a douche. Nobody likes the guy who brags about his accomplishments. Whether it be how much weight you lift, how much poon you smash, or how you recently set a new PR in how many times you beat off in a single day, no one cares. Unless somebody specifically ask you a question there is no reason to start spouting off about things that make you better than others. It comes across like you are trying to show off and

makes you no better than that creative “genius” cunt face “Yeezus”. A true alpha does not sing his own praises nor does he tell others of his greatness. If you are truly great, others will tell you

Don’t act like a b*tch.

Let’s play a game. I’m going to give you a scenario followed by some options. Let’s see if you can spot the bitch.

You are leaving a store when you realize that you dropped some money as you were walking out. You turn around only to see that some guy ran up and snatched your money off the ground. You say “excuse me sir, that’s my money.” The guy promptly tells you that it was he who dropped it and you can eat a bag of moose dicks. You try to stop him from walking away but he just shoves you and keeps on his way. What do you do?

Option A.

He already insulted you and stole your money, he deserves what’s coming to him. And that something is a vicious roundhouse kick followed by the very same backbreaker that Bane did to Batman. Hmm, seems that he had a fake leg and it fell off when you tried putting him into a figure 4 leglock. Good! Something else you can beat him with. Once he is sprawled out on the ground you grab the bills from his pocket and you realize you took more than what he stole from you. You put the exact amount he stole back into your wallet and throw the rest of the money back in his face. You say some baller ass 80’s action movie shit like “keep the change” and tip your sunglasses down while walking towards the horizon.

Option B.

You can tell by this guy’s demeanor that he is not going to give up the money without a fight. You start to think that it will probably be better if you just let it go. After all it was only a few dollars. Not worth the trouble. You walk out the front door and feel kind of relieved that the situation is over.

Option C.

You politely ask him one more time to give your money back. He aggressively declines again so you change tactics. You tell him you really need that money.. “Not my problem.” He says while he tries to scurry away. As a last ditch effort you ask if he would like to have lunch with you and talk about this whole matter like gentlemen. Surprisingly he agrees and you go to a pub down the road. You learn about his life and it seems you may have actually made a friend. Life can be funny like that. Hours pass as you two laugh deep into the night until finally, it’s closing time. The bill comes and it’s astronomical. He looks in shock while you just smirk. “You got this right bro?” Before he answers you quickly get up and walk towards the door. “I don’t have enough to pay for this!” He shouts. “Not my problem.” You say as you walk out the door.

Options A and C are distinct alpha behavior. One is physically alpha and the other is mentally alpha. One thing they both have in common, they are bold and not afraid of confrontation. If you are alraid to handle a bad situation, you aren’t the kind of guy who can overcome obstacles in his life.

Develop a skill set

If you want to be top dog, you need to have more skills than “be big.” Learn to fix cars, do home repairs, become good at programming computers, become the world’s greatest titty motorboater, the list is near limitless. As Napoleon Dynamite once said “girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

If you are a one dimensional kind of guy you are going to have trouble branching out and becoming great. Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance was an actor, bodybuilder, politician, owner of a construction business, and has been involved in numerous other ventures. To be great, you can’t be afraid to try new things.

Don’t care what others think.

The most respected people are often the ones who care more about being the best they can be rather than focusing on how they are perceived by others. No, you still can’t go around being a douche and spitting on puppies. I’m saying focus on your endeavors instead of the people who openly doubt your abilities. A true alpha male does things for himself and not just to please his peers. If someone tells you that you will never accomplish your dreams, you look them right in the eye and tell them to go gargle some monkey spunk.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

It’s easy to be the alpha male when you hangout with a bunch of skinny beta losers. If you truly want to be the best, you need to be around the best. It will make you work harder, train harder, and try to be the best man you can be. If you want to be successful, befriend successful people. If you want to get huge, hangout with guys who are real gym rats. And to truly be great, mix up the kind of friends you have. You don’t want to only be surrounded by bodybuilders, or only by bankers, etc.

You live to learn and grow, so be around the kinds of people who can help you be great. Drop the losers and negative people from your life. If somebody does not impact you positively, they aren’t worth your time.

These were some tips on how to become an alpha male but in reality, these are tips on how to be a better man in general. To really be an alpha, you need to be a person others can look up to. Somebody who deserves respect, but most importantly, be somebody who gives respect. Attitude will take you a long way in life. So don’t be a douche, or that fuck waffle Tom Bradybunch. Seriously, fuck that guy.

Author: Caleb James for BroScience – Read more from him here.

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