How Successful Bodybuilders Can Spot Out Girls Who Are Gold & Gain diggers

How Successful Bodybuilders Can Spot Out Girls Who Are Gold & Gain diggers

How Successful Bodybuilders Can Spot Out Girls Who Are Gold & Gain diggers

Many guys out there are doing it good in both money and top of that they have a great body. Having money and a great body attracts countless of girls into your life. Any guy that has a lot of cash in the bank backed up with an aesthetically pleasing physique has probably experienced a lot of attention from females.

Females are wired to get attracted to guys with money and power, that’s an undeniable fact, but the question many successful guys asks themselves is :”Is she just with me for the money or is she attracted to me as a person?”

Unfortunately probably 95% of the time she is with you because of your success. Just think about it when someone is winning consistently he gets a lot of fans and everyone loves him, but as soon as he starts losing his fans slowly go away and criticize him.

We see this in sports all the time, the star of the team is the hero everyone loves when he is performing well and winning games, but as soon as he starts screwing up he is the villain. Same goes for guys who are successful with money in the bank and a great physique, I guarantee if you are winning at life and suddenly you start losing ,the girl will leave you.

In this article we will discuss the 5 warning signs if the girl you are seeing is a gold and a gain diggers!

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  1. She expects you to pay all the time

An obvious warning sign is if your girl expects you to pay for everything and does not make any effort to pay when you are going out together. It does not matter if you are making more money than her, she is equally responsible to pay 50% all the time. Keep that in mind guys, don’t be like an ATM and pay for everything!

  1. She is more interested in your car than you.

Many girls out there care more about what kind of a car you drive than your personality. You can spot it right away if she is only with you because of your Porsche and money in the bank.

  1. She paid no attention to you when you were poor.

When many guys start being successful in business and bodybuilding the girls that they were interesting in, but gave them no attention come to them like they are a magnet.

Even though you might have had an ok physique and were attractive when you were poor she did not pay any attention to you and ignored you, as soon as you started making money she is all over you. This is definitely an obvious warning sign that your girl is a gold digger!

  1. She still keeps in touch with other successful guys

Even though she has been seeing you for a long time she is still keeping her options open. You might spot her secretly texting other guys, especially if they have great physiques and a lot of money. Any self respecting man will leave that girl if he finds that out.

  1. She parties a lot

We all know what happens when alcohol is involved in clubs. If your girl is still going much to the club once she has started a relationship with you she is definitely still wanting another man in her life. I am not talking about going out once in while, if she is going out every weekend even though she is with you something is wrong, she is still seeking another alpha male in her life and is ready to let you go once she finds him.

Hope you guys keep these signs in mind when pursuing a relationship with a girl. Unfortunately for some guys, females are wired to get attracted to guys with a lot of money and great physique. If you do not have that I would suggest that you work your butt off to achieve it if you want to keep a high quality woman in your life.

Author: Charlie Green for BroScience

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