10 Tips On How NOT To Be A Gym Douchebag

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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A gym is a magical place, it s a place where you can start out with nothing but with time and effort, you can transform your body into something magical.

There are millions of gyms around the world, and not every gym is the same; there is a different cultures, different rules, and different people in all gyms.

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However, we can mostly agree on certain things you should NOT be doing in a gym that could make you a “Gym Douchebag” in this post; we will discuss ten things to absolutely not do in a gym if you don’t want to become a gym douchebag.

Use all the plates to do quarter reps in the leg press

In many gyms, there aren’t an unlimited amount of plates, so when someone loads up the leg press with 800 lbs and takes away many of the plates in the gym so other people can’t use them to do quarter reps in the leg press, you may be looked as a gym douchebag.

Unless you are like Ronnie Coleman and can lift the weight with good form, don’t ego lift and steal all the plates to try to look like a big shot in the gym.

Talking/texting on the phone while sitting on the bench in a busy gym

Benches and other equipment in gyms can be extremely busy during the busy hours of the gym; when you see someone slacking off talking/texting on the phone in a busy gym and sitting on a bench, you get annoyed if you want to use that equipment, and rightly so. Try to complete your sets as soon as possible on high-demand equipment during busy hours; you are not the only person that wants to use the equipment.

Ignoring basic hygiene

Nobody wants to train beside someone who smells like a skunk, so don’t go to the gym in sweaty clothes from the day before and smell like a skunk.

You may think that nobody can smell you, but let me tell you something if you go in previously used gym clothes to the gym, Everybody will be able to sense that disgusting smell and be distracted from it.

Ego lifts in the deadlift and leaves all the plates on the bar when you finish.

We don’t care if you want to ruin your back in the deadlift by ego lifting and using too much weight; however, it is highly disrespectful when you don’t put the plates back.

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Use The Squat Rack for curls.

You don’t need to occupy a squat rack to do curls; OK, I’ll let it pass when you are alone in the gym and nobody is using plenty of other squat racks available. However, in a busy gym doing this will make many people look annoyingly at you, and you will be considered a gym douchebag.

Training close to the dumbbell rack

This is a nasty habit; when you train close to the dumbbell rack, you block the access to the dumbbell rack so people can’t get dumbbells or put the dumbbells back they were using; always take a few steps back so people can access the dumbbell rack before you start your set, otherwise, you might be looked at as a gym douchebag.

Disturbing strong lifters telling them about your old accomplishments

You may be past your prime and haven’t been consistent in the gym, but you don’t need to say to guys that are deadlifting 500 lbs for reps that you used to be strong and you at one time 15 years ago could deadlift 600 lbs.

Nobody cares about your past accomplishments; no need to distract others; focus on yourself.

Give unsolicited advice

Unless you are asked, do not advise unless you are a professional in your field and see someone doing something that could hurt themselves.

Most people aren’t looking for advice in the gym; you don’t need to tell someone who slightly swings the bar in the last couple of reps in bicep curls that” it is better to use the excellent form.” Just mind your own business unless people ask you for advice.

Try lifting heavier than someone and “competing with them.”

Please don’t be that guy that goes to the gym and sees an impressive lifter using light weights and goes and tries to compete with them by lifting heavier weights beside them.

I have had this happen to me a few times, the last time this happened, I was doing bicep curls with a very controlled form, and a guy came and used way heavier dumbbells and swung them back and forth beside me. Then I went to do hammer curls, and the guy did the same thing.

You don’t have to “compete” with others in the gym; focus on yourself.

Drop the weights after each set

Unless you are doing heavy deadlifts, you do not need to slam the weights and drop them after each set.

Guys in the gym do bicep curls and drop the weights to the floor after each set to look like a big shot.

You don’t need to drop the weights after each set; every day, guys show a bit of respect here.

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