How Intermittent Fasting Makes You Shredded

How Intermittent Fasting Makes You Shredded

You have probably heard the term Intermittent Fasting thrown around but have no idea how it works, whether or not it will help you lean out and most importantly how to implement it.

Check out the article below for some information on IF and how it can help you get shredded.

Fasting periods can last anywhere from 12 hours to a few days, although we recommend you start at the lower end of that spectrum. One of the easiest times to implement the fasting period is while you are sleeping since that will cover about 8 hours of the fast.

Once you wake up, rather than consume a large breakfast like you usually do just skip it and continue to let your body fast for a few hours. If possible, do your cardio during this time since your low blood sugar levels will mean you are more likely to burn fat as fuel.


How Intermittent Fasting Makes You Shredded

intermittent fasting shreddedIt Increases the Fat Burning Hormones

As we have mentioned in other articles, growth hormone is very important when it comes to burning fat. Most people don’t realize that fasting actually causes your body to increase the amount of GH your body produces.

Therefore by extending your fasting past breakfast you are increasing the GH levels in your body thereby boosting your metabolism. (Read all about Growth Hormone and how you can supplement your GH levels here) Additionally, when you first wake up in the morning your insulin levels are at very low levels meaning your body is more likely to burn fat rather than store it.

When you consume your breakfast in the morning you are actually boosting your insulin levels back up.

If, instead, you extend your fasting period into the morning then you get to take advantage of your body’s natural fat-burning state.

Boost in Fat Burning Enzymes

There are a number of fat burning enzymes in your body that are crucial to getting you to slim down. Intermittent fasting has been shown to boost two of the most powerful enzymes!

Hormone Sensitive Lipase or HSL is responsible for getting your fat cells to release their fat content which can then be used as energy. Muscle Lipoprotein Lipase or LPL on the other hand gets your muscle cells to take in fat so they can be used as fuel.

By boosting both of these enzymes, IF will have your body burning more fat than usual.

Burn More Calories

As you know, the more calories you burn, the more fat you will be able to burn. This is why cranking up your metabolism is so important. Intermittent fasting actually boosts your metabolism so you will be burning more calories throughout the day.

Using Fat as Fuel Instead of Sugar

In a regular diet, your body will use the carbs it consumes as energy. Whatever it doesn’t need it will store as fat for later.

However, when you are intermittent fasting, your body is forced to burn body fat because the blood sugar levels in your body are empty. This is one of the reasons people recommend doing cardio on an empty stomach or after fasting – you will be burning up fat as fuel rather than carbs.

Use the right program

As experienced bodybuilders know having a game plan is a crucial key to success in achieving your dream body.

It’s so important to follow a program designed for your goals.

If you are not sure which plan to follow make sure to take our 30 second survey and it will recommend a plan for your body type.

Take 30 second survey here.

Are you really that serious about your summer cut?

If you’re one of the few that are actually serious about getting shredded this time. Then you might want to consider taking a fat burner supplement. Make sure that your fat burner contains legit ingredients. You can find out what to look for in a fat burner in our guide here.

These products are only for guys who are serious about cutting for the summer. These products are only for the guys willing to give 120% effort into their diet, training and are willing to go the extra mile to reach their goals.

If you are not one of those guys don’t even bother using a fat burning supplement.
Dedicated bodybuilders all over the world are using these products due to the incredible benefits they give you.

These products are designed to:

  • Increase your metabolic rate in other words you will burn more calories throughout the day.
  • Eliminate water retention, so you will look more shredded because you hold less water. If you plan on hitting the beach or swimming pools this summer this benefit will make a difference to your physique.
  • Increase your energy levels, this is extremely important if you are dieting on a low calorie diet and you still need to push it hard in the gym
  • Eliminate hunger cravings, we are all humans and we all want to eat something unhealthy from time to time that is not good for our physique. If you are one of those guys who is easily tempted by cheat meals you should definitely be using a fat burning supplement.

As you can see it is no secret why so many bodybuilders use fat burners in their cut but just make sure that the fat burning you choose contains scientifically proven ingredients that actually work.

We have made a free report on the fat burning ingredients and supplements that actually work which you can read here.

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    I actually tried it and it worked really well for me. Had an 8 hour eating period so lets say breakfast at 10 dinner by 6pm. I lost a good amount of fat and kept all my strength (bench actually went up). That being said I did supplement with fat burners and did a decent amount of cardio, but I liked it, I never felt hungry and will definitely do it again this fall. Last time I went from 235 to 195.

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      if you eat too low calories. It does not burn muscle. It actually helps prevent losing it even more than a normal eating schedule

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