How Higher Testosterone Levels can Boost Your Sex Drive

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Have you noticed you aren’t feeling the same sex drive as you did when you were younger?

This is actually quite common and happens as a result of testosterone levels dropping – a process that happens naturally to men after they turn 30.

Testosterone, as you probably know, is an important hormone for men and impacts qualities like energy, body fat levels and muscle mass.

The good news is that it is within your power to increase your testosterone levels.

Some people resort to testosterone therapy (prescribed by an MD) given that levels are low as a result of age and certain lifestyle choices.

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We’re not saying that decreases in testosterone always result in less desire for sex – sometimes sex drive remains stable but other symptoms such as low energy levels and mood swings come up.

Low testosterone levels can also cause:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (can’t get your penis hard)
  • Low energy levels
  • Loss in muscle mass
  • Increased fat tissue
  • Depression

So it’s safe to say that testosterone is an extremely important hormone for men.

How Higher Testosterone Levels can Boost Your Sex Drive

How Testosterone Works

The tricky thing about testosterone is that it is hard to identify exactly why it causes certain effects and what makes matters even more tricky is that everyone experiences a different result.

Cialis on the other hand is easy to explain – it causes increased blood flow to the penis causing harder erections.

The impact is the same or nearly the same in everyone.

Testosterone is not something you can take once for a quick boost in energy levels or strength.

You need to give your body several months to adjust – hence the term testosterone levels.

When prescribed and monitored by an MD people generally do not report any negative side effects.

Having said that, many bodybuilders who take steroids claim to end up with extra body hair, acne and other side effects.

Keep in mind that these people are taking large doses and it is not being monitored by their doctor.

Benefits of Boosting Testosterone Levels

If you currently have low testosterone levels, increasing them will increase your bone density and strength.

They will also experience lower fat, more muscle and more energy throughout the day.

Additionally, studies have shown that increasing testosterone levels will reduce the likelihood of ending up with a nasty condition such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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How Higher Testosterone Levels can Boost Your Sex Drive

I Have Low Testosterone Levels What Can I Do?

If you are severely lacking in testosterone a visit to the doctor may be necessary,

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If you feel like they are slightly below average or you just want a quick boost to increase testosterone levels there are some safe and legal options available to you.

Experiencing higher testosterone production is pretty magical, you will pretty much become more of a man because of it’s powerful effects on the body

There are some tactics that you can use right now to improve your testosterone production like:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Making sure you are getting a good nights sleep
  • Consuming plenty of saturated fats
  • Lose weight
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet
  • Consume testosterone boosting ingredients

One of the most powerful way is to consume testosterone boosting ingredients that allow your body to produce testosterone at a high performance.

A little testosterone boost can go a long way in your efforts to build lean muscle, lose fat and get more energy.

Don’t settle for insufficient or average levels of testosterone if you don’t have to, it’s hard enough to build muscle, why make it any harder than it needs to be?

Just make sure you go with testosterone boosting ingredients that are scientifically proven to work (See the best testosterone boosting ingredients and supplements here)

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If you follow those tips above and for some unlikely reason your body is still not producing high levels of testosterone, a visit to the doctor might be unavoidable.

Once you know that your testosterone levels are low and for some unbelievable reason the tips above didn’t work you can start looking into your treatment options with your doctor

These include injections, abdominal patch or a gel/cream. As mentioned earlier in this article you will not experience the positive effects right away.

While taking the treatment you should be monitoring your testosterone levels regularly through blood tests.

Your doctor will likely order tests(steroids) for testosterone levels as well as cholesterol levels.

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