Horrible Deadlifts From The Crossfit Games

Horrible Deadlifts From The Crossfit Games

Here is a funny video from the comedy series “Exercises in futility” made by InfiniteElgintensity he provides voice-over commentary on fitness and nutrition videos.

“Crossfit is a joke and calling it a sport is offensive to all sports”

Is one of his more famous quotes.

Although CrossFit has been getting more and more popular by the years many people don’t like what CrossFit is doing and this video seems to prove why.

CrossFit has a competition every year which they call The CrossFit Games and the winner takes home the title: Fittest Man/Woman On Earth.

I don’t know why they’re able to claim that title.

But hey, I’m no lawyer anyway.

In this competition the competitors must face many challenges throughout a few days. They run and do many complicated Olympic lifts.

I don’t know about you but that deadlift was definitely not a legitimate rep. I’m really surprised that her back wasn’t ruined by that lift.

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