High Carb Fat Loss Review: WTF? Get Under 6% Body-Fat by Eating Pizza?

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high carb fat loss review and resultsIt’s rare that I am completely blown away—but in the last few weeks, something happened that rocked me to the absolute core. In this High Carb Fat Loss review, I will explain the shocking revelation that changed the way I looked at weight loss.

First, let’s face facts.

We need carbs for energy—how else are we going to power through those epic bench sessions? But, as every bodybuilder knows, excessive carbs will ruin any chance of getting shredded. Right?

However, prepare to have your beliefs turned upside down.

It appears that there’s a way to load the body with carbs and still lose weight.

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I’m being serious.

In this High Carb Fat Loss review, I will explain how one typical Saturday evening started me down a route that blew my mind.

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What Is High Carb Fat Loss?

what is high carb fat loss

I’ll start this High Carb Fat Loss review by telling you how it all began.

It was Saturday evening. Nothing on the TV and my girlfriend was out with friends.

I was bored.

Surfing around various bodybuilding websites, as you do during times like this, something caught my eye. A high carb program to lose weight.

Ah, here we go! I smiled.

I love articles like these. Ok, it annoys me a little that some charlatans make false claims for diet plans and supplements. But reading their ridiculous pledges amuses me.

So, I clicked over to the website and began to read.

Slowly, my smile faded and my face became one of concentration. What I was reading made sense. I still had doubts, but I was nodding in agreement with many of the statements.

What’s more, many of the visual impact high carb fat loss reviews appeared both genuine and positive.

Let me explain….

high carb fat loss results
Yes, you can get ripped like this while eating carbs…

As the name suggests, this is a weight loss plan that allows you to shed pounds without starving yourself or avoiding carbs.

Many experts have told us too many carbs lead to an increase in fat reserves. Yet, it’s not the case. Studies have shown the majority is stored as glycogen in the muscles—ready as an energy reserve, not fat. 1

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In fact, carbs only become fat when the muscles are saturated with glycogen— known as de novo lipogenesis. Even research has illustrated that to reach this would mean a 2000 daily calorie surplus! 2

I know what you’re thinking.

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If that’s the case, where does the fat come from? As this weight loss program explains, it comes from the fat you eat.

Here’s the scary thing.

This isn’t a new concept. Back in the 1980s, when Atkins, paleo, and keto were still relatively unknown, weight loss concentrated on cutting back fat to reduce weight. And it worked—just not too well.

The problem was, these “low-fat” diets aimed at reducing fat intake to around 35 percent. The High Carb Fat Loss plan brings it down to eight to ten percent. It’s like the best weight loss plan ever—reloaded.

There’s more.

Increasing carb intake boosts the metabolism, making you burn fat faster. You lose weight and have more energy.

What shocked me most is this.

A lot of this science I already knew about. I just hadn’t put all the pieces together.

Despite this, I had severe reservations—the theory stacked up, but really? Eating carbs to lose weight?

Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Review Overview

Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Review Overview

This High Carb Fat Loss review wouldn’t be complete without providing you with the benefits and drawbacks of this plan.


  • Burns fat—carbs boost the metabolism.
  • Reveals underlying abs—why crunch like a monster and then hide that six-pack away?
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Improves vascularity.
  • Increases definition—giving you an impressive ripped appearance.
  • Reduces body fat to less than 10 percent.
  • Suitable for meat eaters and vegans.


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About the Authors

About the Authors

This isn’t a weight loss plan dreamt up by some lonely guy in his bedroom.

Rusty Moore was a fitness advisor at the top of his game. In a position most of us would envy, training runway models to look gorgeous, he knew about fitness and nutrition.

At least, he thought he did.

Rusty had an online blog. He became increasingly intrigued by weight loss tips left in the comments section by a guy called Mark Kislich—an Olympic strength coach.

high carb fat loss review

Rusty learned that Mark had lost 100 pounds and, as you can see, was totally ripped. That’s a guy in his 40s!

Speaking at length, the secret behind this phenomenal physique was quite simple. A high carb low fat diet. Rusty knew he had to try the Mark Kislich diet.

The results blew his mind.

He became leaner than ever before, had more energy and was totally shredded.


Rusty and Mark both work in the fitness and nutrition industry. It takes something special for guys like these to put their name to something. And they had found it.

Together, Rusty and Mark streamlined the program into the High Carb Fat Loss plan.

Ryan’s High Carb Fat Loss Results

Although my initial skepticism had waned, I still wasn’t entirely convinced. I had to see this in practice. How else could I write this High Carb Fat Loss review?

I was already on my own six-week program and was carrying little body fat.

So, I did the next best thing.

I approached my good friend Ryan down at the gym. Admittedly, he hits the weights like a beast—he can press at least 20 pounds more than me.

Problem is, it’s not just big muscles he’s hauling around.

Ryan has never been the smallest of guys, but recently he had been carrying a little more baggage than usual. Fact is, he enjoys training. But, he’s also a carboholic—he loves eating pasta, pizza and sinking a beer or two.

After a little persuasion (mainly involving me fixing his car which I had been promising to do for weeks), he agreed.

This is what happened.

Day 1

After the first day, I gave him a call just to ensure he had actually started the High Carb Fat Loss plan.

Ryan had read through the all the initial background and saw the sense in what the program explained. Although, he was convinced this wouldn’t work.

In the past, he had tried numerous weight loss plans, to varying degrees of success. One of the prime mental barriers was that he had recently tried the low-carb high-fat keto diet—now he was doing the opposite!

To be fair, he lost some weight on keto—it does work. Problem was, he lost it so slowly. It had taken him weeks to make a small dent in his weight.

The call ended with Ryan telling me it was time to go—he had pizza and beer waiting!

Week 1

Week 1

I called Ryan a few times during the first week, just to check he hadn’t jacked it in!

After about eight days we crossed paths again at the gym. I had just finished some serious squats when I saw Ryan approaching me in his characteristic bright green shorts.

What the F…!?

I was taken aback. It wasn’t that he was wearing those awful shorts, or that he was ripped—those abs were nowhere near competition standard. It was his face.

He was tight, defined and angular. His skin was full of color and his eyes shone out at me.

Looking good! I said to him.

He smiled. Ryan went on to explain that he was feeling great. After three days he’d noticed a remarkable increase in energy levels.

The abs were bothering him though. I guess he was expecting rapid improvements in just one week. I told him to stick with it and be patient.

Although as he left I did wonder, perhaps the abs were a little more defined?

I’m 100% certain he was really happy that he did this High Carb Fat loss review!

Week 2

At eight o’clock one morning, a call from Ryan woke me up.

James! You’re a freakin’ star! (his actual words were a little more colorful).

As my drowsy brain drifted back into full consciousness, Ryan explained.

First, his energy levels had increased even further. Amazingly, he had also managed to press an extra 10 pounds. But that wasn’t, apparently, the reason for the call.

After his early morning shower, he saw the outline of his abs returning. For months they had been hidden under fat, but now their distinctive shape was emerging again.

What’s more, the extra flab around the neck had almost disappeared. His traps were now unmistakable and defined. In just 14 days he had dropped around nine pounds.

Astounded, I made the decision to meet up with him the following week. I had to see this for myself.

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Week 3

I went to Ryan’s house. When he opened the door, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

He looked phenomenal—the healthiest I can ever remember. He was bouncing with energy and his posture had improved.

It’s going well then? I underwhelmingly stated.

Ryan told me how, while not increasing his training, his muscle definition had improved at an alarming rate. As he raised his shirt to expose his abs, I gasped.

They were sharp as a razor! Better than mine.

Damn! I said.

It wasn’t all good news. He’d been following the Monday-Friday intense weight loss plan. Problem was he’d exhausted all the sample meals and was becoming a little bored with the same food every week.

Using the program, I helped him plan new and interesting dinners using the foods suggested.

Before I left, I had to ask the question.

Ok, tell me how much you’ve lost?

15 pounds, he replied.

Wow! He was so happy that he finally did this High Carb Fat Loss review

Week 4

The original idea was to see how effective the High Carb Fat loss program was over four weeks. So theoretically, this was the end.

I invited Ryan round to my apartment for an end-of-diet celebration.

After some small talk, he broke the news to me.

James, I’m carrying on with the plan.

It seems that Ryan had finally found a weight loss program that worked for him. He’s always loved his carbs, so most diets ended up being nothing more than painful. But this one allowed him to enjoy food.

Then the bombshell came.

A total of 20 pounds lost meant that he was now carrying less than 10 percent body fat. He took off his shirt—it was INSANE.

It had been a while since I had seen anyone that shredded. Definition like that is only usually achieved with extreme and unhealthy cutting. But, he had done it without dropping carbs.

By slightly altering the diet as the plan indicates, you can maintain the perfect weight—that was Ryan’s plan.

Before he left, he gave me a wink.

There’s something I haven’t told you.

I raised an eyebrow and he explained.

It turns out that this diet had sent his testosterone levels through the roof. For the last three weeks, his girlfriend had seen Ryan turn into a bedroom machine. And she liked it.

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High Carb Fat Loss Before and After

High Carb Fat Loss Before and After

Ryan was overweight. His hard work down the gym was hidden by the excess fat he was carrying.

Then he started the High Carb Fat loss method.

He dropped 20 pounds and looked incredible. Chest, shoulder and—most importantly— abdomen definition had reappeared. To say he was shredded is an understatement.

After doing this High Carb Fat Loss review, I wanted to see if more people had been getting similar results…

Other Before and After pics I found

high carb fat loss results

high carb fat loss testimonials

Want to see more results and testimonials? Visit the High Carb Fat Loss website

What Exactly Do I Get?

Don’t assume that this is some basic one-page visual impact high carb fat loss PDF.

Listen up:

This is a detailed online full weight loss program that takes you through every stage of the plan. In the member’s area, you discover it’s broken down into five key modules which contain page upon page of detailed info.

It begins by giving you the full-background and science behind the course. This is then followed by a diet-plan outline—illustrating ways to use the diet for “normal” food consumption, or ways to ramp it up the max.

What’s more, if you are lacking inspiration, it gives you some awesome sample meals. From full banquet size menus through to daytime snacks.

But get this:

The plan has been optimized for use on smartphones. It’s handy that you don’t have to switch on the laptop every time you need to refer to the information.

Rusty writes in a way which is engaging and, at times, hilarious. Although packed full of serious information, it isn’t stuffy or preachy.

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Room for Improvement

My only criticism is that there are not enough sample meals! Ryan did need some assistance in creating his own dinners.

A few more would really be the frosting on the cake (not literally—that’s fat!)

Review Conclusion: Is Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Worth the Money?


This is our #1 recommended choice for men who want to get absolutely shredded WITHOUT having to stop eating pizza and pasta.

The High Carb Fat Loss method allows you to enjoy your food while still losing weight.

By reducing your fat intake and increasing carbs, the pounds will begin to disappear—FAST!

Getting shredded does not have to be painful… at least not according to my High Carb Fat Loss review!

Learn more: visit the High Carb Fat Loss website


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/723637
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3165600

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